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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Your data are incorrect. eBook readers are NOT tied to one store; there are, for example, more than 200 eBook stores selling MobiPocket books, plus many "independents" selling books which can be used on any reader - eg Fictionwise and Baen.

Sony is tied to their connect store - I said AVERAGE users (to spell it out - will not be using hacking software in legal grey areas to convert their books and I am talking about BRAND NEW BOOKS NOT OLD PUBLIC DOMAIN). You needed to read my message more carefully or possibly I should have spelt this out - mea culpa. I therefore define Sony's reader, for the average user as being tied to their connect store since other store's ebooks will not work eg Amazon et al (as an extra note Mobipocket and their ebook store and format as I understand it are now owned by Amazon - is this important to Cybook Ebook readers?!).

Is the Kindle not tied to Amazon? Can I put Sony ebooks (LRF files) from Connect on the Kindle? and vice-versa? No you cannot (without "hacking" - see above).

So I think saying they are tied is not only fair but a fact for the "average user" if we are talking about buying new non-public domain books which typically have DRM.

Your comments about public domain, given the terms of my post, are not relevant as my post specifically excluded it as a topic.
( I admitted they can be put on so no need to go further - make sense?)

You mention other stores - none of which has the critically acclaimed and famous 6 books of the Masters of Rome series so my point here remains unchanged. If you are saying all your needs are met by Baen then I say good luck to you but it does not make my statement untrue about the range of ebooks available. As a consumer I want the SAME RANGE AS PAPERBACKS not 200 sources each with a small range adding up all together to less than what is currently available for paperbacks - end of story.

Any other challengers?

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