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Rooting Help!

Hey guys, I used the auto-nooter tool but I must have messed up pretty badly.

So I was rooting the thing, but I panicked at some point because the screen wasn't changing. So I turned it back on, but the android setup came up, but it didn't continue after choosing a location. So I thought, "hey I should just erase and deregister my nook so that I have no problem," so I did that.

But when my nook boots up though, it has an option between choosing the quick start and the google android market setup thingy. I did a factory reset (the holding of the home and power button) to reset the thing, but when it boots up, you still have to choose between the two!

So I chose the quick-start, but when I have to login using the wi-fi to register my device, no keyboard shows up! Interesting thing too, when I choose to go with the android setup, I can see my device info, and the nook software's at version 1.0.1 but no user account registered under it. I can probably read some books too while I'm at it.

BTW, at some points the lower left screen has the sd card symbol on it. I think I interrupted the installation.

Anyone has any idea on how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated!
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