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Can't Send to device

I have a major problem that I would be grateful for some help on. After using Calibre for a while I decided to try and sort out my books into collections using tags.
After tagging them all I thought the best way forward was to delete them all from my Sony 650 and re-import then all with their shiny new tags all sorted into collections.
Big mistake I now have no books on my reader, as per plan, but when I try to send any I get a message telling me there are no supported formats available and I must convert them before I can send them. I would add most are Epub with afew PDFs.
Now this applies even to books that I didn't tag or otherwise touch.

This also happens when I try to send books to my old reader a Sony 600 so my assumption would be that somehow the Calibre settings have become corrupted.
Anyone any ideas as I would hate to go back to the Sony software especially as I just donated to Calibre!!!


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