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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Hmm unfortunately I dont have win2000 to debug this. EDIT: I may have some ideas however. Open up a bug report if you're willing to do some work to get it working.
Hi Kovidgoyal,
I had some problems with my system and have refreshed my Win2k OS, now everything is working again and I had hoped that libprs would (by magic?) work also. I downloaded the newest version, installed it and still have the same problem:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "libprs500\gui2\device.pyo", line 52, in run
File "libprs500\devices\prs505\driver.pyo", line 225, in open
File "libprs500\devices\prs505\driver.pyo", line 173, in open_windows
DeviceError: Unable to find PRS505. Is it connected?
Well it is most certainly connected, I can see all three drives in the system, except it does not show up in libprs. I would really like to use the program especially as you updated the feeds with some German newspapers.
If I work with you are you willing to giveme things to try?
Thank you in advance
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