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Books read in 2011
  1. January 1st: D'Artagnan Romances, Vol. 2, Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas - Free. 8/10. 880pp
    An excellent adventure, following up the Three Musketeers "Twenty Years After". D'Artagnan is still only a lieutenant in the Musketeers. His friends have left. The new Cardinal, Mazarin, decides he could use some adventuresome, loyal, men, and D'Artagnan is sent to gather his friends together again...
  2. January 4th: Analog SFF, March 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 100pp
    The usual good collection of shorter works. I especially liked the short story "Julie is Three" and the novelette "Betty Knox and Dictionary Jones in the Mystery of the Missing Teenage Anachronisms".
  3. January 6th: Asimov's SF, February 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 5/10. 100pp
    The stories just weren't to my taste this month.
  4. January 8th: Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold - $3.75 - 8/10. 352pp
    Well, that was excellent. Probably not the book to start with if you haven't read this series before, but very good for those of us who've wanted another Miles adventure for a long time.
  5. January 9th: The D'Artagnan Romances, Vol. 3 by Alexandre Dumas - Free - 6/10. 768pp
    Ten years on from the last book. The first half was good. Adventure with the Musketeers and the restoration of King Charles II. The second half was a bit too much taken up with petty intrigues and love matches at the French Court, and dragged a bit (for me).
  6. January 17th: Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee - $3.75 - 7/10. 320pp
    An interesting fantasy set in Maine.
  7. January 19th: The Lure of the Basilisk by Lawrence Watt-Evans - $5.94 - 6/10. 208pp
    An original fantasy. No dwarves, elves, vampires or werewolves in sight although it does have a hero and a quest. I enjoyed it.
  8. January 21st: The Seven Altars of Dusarra by Lawrence Watt-Evans - $5.94 - 6/10. 254pp
    Another quest. Our hero is a little bit stupid, or at least lacks planning skills. But I'm still interested in finding out what happens next.
  9. January 21st: F&SF Magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 by Spilogale Authors - $3.29 - 6/10. 200pp
    A mixture, as usual. Some stories I liked a lot. One not at all.
  10. January 22nd: Written in Time by Jerry and Sharon Ahern - $3.75 - 5/10. 656pp
    An interesting premise, and quite fun to read (if a little heavy on gun specifics), but I wasn't convinced by the plot at all.
  11. January 23rd: The Sword of Bheleu by Lawrence Watt-Evans - $5.05 - 7/10. 288pp
    Better than the second book. It becomes obvious that the four books are really one long story, although each has a reasonable ending.
  12. January 23th: The Book of Silence by Lawrence Watt-Evans - $5.05 - 8/10. 360pp
    A very satisfying conclusion to the series.
  13. January 26th: The D'Artagnan Romances, Vol. 4 by Alexandre Dumas - Free - 8/10. 768pp & 656pp
    A very good conclusion to the series.
  14. February 4th: Analog SFF, April 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    A good month. I really liked the Novella by Adam-Troy Castro and the short story by Jerry Oltion.
  15. February 6th: Asimov's SF, March 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 100pp
    OK, but one of the stories I didn't really like.
  16. February 6th: Emissaries from the Dead by Adam-Troy Castro - $6.39 - 8/10. 387pp
    An excellent SF/Mystery novel with an interesting protagonist and universe. I'll be adding the next novels to my wish list.
  17. February 6th: The Sea is Full of Stars by Jack L. Chalker - $2.97* - 7/10. 352pp
    A good addition to the Well World series, but it's clearly one half of a book. It was good enough that I'd buy and read the next one (i.e. second half) NOW, if it was actually available in the UK.
  18. February 9th: Saturn's Children by Charlie Stross - $6.45 - 8/10. 336pp
    A fascinating although sometimes confusing look at a post-human world. Hopefully a pessimistic view of how humanity would treat sapient robots.
  19. February 11th: City of Pearl by Karen Traviss - $6.00 - 8/10. 400pp
    A splendid book, once you're past the first few chapters, which throw in too many 'alien' words at once.
  20. February 12th: The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien - $10.83 - 6/10. 320pp
    Told deliberately as if of the ancient past, so there's no immediacy or tension in the story. And it's a sad story. The commentary on the text is interesting, but I recommend leaving it until after reading the whole of the story.
  21. February 15th: The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie - $0.76 - 7/10. 124pp
    That was fun! A nice little mystery. Hastings is, perhaps, a little bit too stupid. All nicely tied up at the end.
  22. February 16th: The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie - $0.76 - 7/10. 256pp
    Another fun read. Not a murder mystery, but more a spy/adventure story.
  23. February 17th: Invisible by Kimber Chin - Free - 3/10. 200pp (?)
    I almost stopped reading half-way, as there's little to no plot tension or really any worries at all. There's no doubt at all what the story is going to be after the first chapter. I suppose that's usual in Romances. Very light reading.
  24. February 18th: A War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card - $3.03 - 7/10. 208pp
    More a novella than a novel, but quite fun.
  25. February 18th: War for the Oaks by Emma Bull - Free - 7/10. 309pp
    A good take on urban 'fey'.
  26. February 20th: The Magic Kingdom of Landover, vol. 1 by Terry Brooks - $4.08 - 8/10. 736pp
    Just what it says in the title. Fun.
  27. February 22nd: The Magic Kingdom of Landover, vol. 2 by Terry Brooks - $4.08 - 7/10. 464pp
    Dragging a little as the series progresses.
  28. February 24th: The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 272pp
    I liked this one. I got some of the answer, but not all of it.
  29. February 25th: The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie - $0.65 - 7/10. 384pp
    Somewhat reminiscent of The Secret Adversary but fun all the same.
  30. February 26th: Fortress in the Eye of Time by C. J. Cherryh - $2.11 - 7/10. 784pp
    A long book. An interesting fantasy. A bit confusing in places. On the whole I enjoyed it, and I think I'll enjoy the others in the series. I'm pleased to say that it's a story complete in itself — if it was the only book, one wouldn't feel cheated of an ending.
  31. March 3rd: Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 7/10. 256pp
    A series of short stories rather than a novel this time. A fun, quick read.
  32. March 3rd: Uptown Local by Diane Duane - $5.99 - 8/10. 200pp (?)
    A good collection of fantasy stories, including a new (or at least new to me) Kit and Nita story.
  33. March 5th: The Big Meow by Diane Duane - $5.99 - 8/10. 200pp (?)
    A really good story, nicely told. A good follow-on to the previous two 'feline wizard' books. Although the story is stand-alone, it would be best to read the other two first.
  34. March 8th: Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy - $6.45 - 7/10. 656pp
    Quite good, but without the suspense of the other books, at least for me, since I can remember the reporting of the events depicted.
  35. March 11th: Fangs for the Mammaries edited by Esther Friesner - $3.00 - 7/10. 432pp.
    Fun, light, vampire fantasies.
  36. March 12th: 1635: The Eastern Front by Eric Flint - $3.00 - 8/10. 416pp
    A good main-sequence novel in this alternate universe story. And now I want to know what happens next!
  37. March 13th: MYTH-Interpretations: The Worlds of Robert Asprin by Robert Asprin - $3.00 - 7/10. 432pp
    A nice collection of his short fiction, including one or two I hadn't read before.
  38. March 15th: Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia - $3.00 - 8/10. 656pp
    A good sequel to the first, and setting up nicely for a third. (But this volume is complete in itself even so — not one half of a big book.)
  39. March 16th: The Power of Illusion by Christopher Anvil - $3.00 - 7/10. 592pp
    A splendid conclusion to Baen series of re-issues of Christopher Anvil's Science Fiction, including a new story written for this volume.
  40. March 17th: The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy - $6.45 - 6/10. 496pp
    Well, it was OK. But I don't think I'll bother with the next one. It seems little more than rather unpleasant wish fulfilment now.
  41. March 20th: Analog, May 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    I really, really liked the "Probability Zero" short short.
  42. March 21st: Asimov's SF, April/May 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 200pp
    A sub-par issue for me, saved by a splendid Novelette by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
  43. March 22nd: The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie - $0.65 - 8/10. 400pp
    An interesting mystery without her usual cast. I'm glad to day I did guess what was going on, mostly.
  44. March 24th: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 304pp
    Very good indeed. Much better if you don't know the solution before reading it, as with all mysteries, but it's nice to see the clues and misdirection along the way too.
  45. March 25th: Thicker than Water by Mercedes Lackey - $0.51 - 6/10. 50pp (?)
    OK. Changes of viewpoint were a bit confusing.
  46. March 25th: Into The Out Of by Alan Dean Foster - $8.49 - 7/10. 384pp
    Pretty good. An enjoyable fantasy set in the present day (when written - near past now). Certainly a different mythology to most fantasy.
  47. March 27th: A Touch of Night by Sarah A. Hoyt and Sofie Skapski - $5.73 - 7/10. 100pp (?)
    A fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek version of Pride and Prejudice set in Hoyt's Magical British Empire universe.
  48. March 29th: Lyra's Oxford by Phillip Pullman - $2.98 - 7/10. 64pp
    An interesting short story, with a set-up for something more which hasn't appeared. The extras aren't bad, for a Kindle edition, but of obviously much more legible in the paper edition.
  49. March 29th: Angel Time by Anne Rice - $4.25* - 5/10. 400pp
    A page-turning story, interesting characters. I just hate the basic premise.
  50. March 30th: Swords Against Death by Fritz Leiber - $3.06 - 8/10. 304pp
    A good continuation, in neat, linked, short-story length episodes.
  51. April 1st: The Big Four by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 4/10. 224pp
    Every author has a dud now and then. This is Agatha Christie's. References to Sherlock Holmes. Evil Geniuses bent on world domination. Secret Lairs. Masters of Disguise. Hercule Poirot getting things wrong and rushing around all over the place.
  52. April 2nd: Septimus Heap: Magyk by Angie Sage - Free - 6/10. 608pp
    If you can get past the terrible typography and cutesy spelling of the Magyk words, it's OK. People are rather more stupid than they should be, which seems to be essential for the plot.
  53. April 4th: In the Ocean of Night by Gregory Benford - $2.57 - 8/10. 448pp
    Fascinating near-future epic alien encounter fiction.
  54. April 9th: Across the Sea of Suns by Gregory Benford - $3.60 - 8/10. 528pp
    More interesting stuff. Good SF.
  55. April 10th: Kings of the North by Elizabeth Moon - $7.20 (£4.49) - 9/10. 512pp
    Excellent continuation of the fantasy series.
  56. April 11th: Knight of Ghosts and Shadows by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon - Free - 7/10. 345pp
    A fun novel about elves, bards and the modern world. It's a bit odd coming to it after reading the other novels, as most of it has been recapped at various times in the subsequent books. Nice to see it 'as it happens' though.
  57. April 13th: The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 7/10. 320pp
    A return to form after "The Big Four". Hercule Poirot again, but with a more reasonable plot.
  58. April 14th: Exile's Song by Marion Zimmer Bradley - $2.03 - 8/10. 496pp
    Perhaps it's just that it's a series I really liked, but I was very pleased with this one.
  59. April 15th: The Shadow Matrix by Marion Zimmer Bradley - $2.03 - 8/10. 560pp
    An excellent continuation of Exile's Song
  60. April 16th: Traitor's Sun by Marion Zimmer Bradley - $2.38 - 8/10. 544pp
    A good conclusion to the Darkover series. Lots left, but many things tied up.
  61. April 17th: The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie - $0.65 - 7/10. 375pp
    Another good mystery with characters from The Secret of Chimneys. This time I failed to se the obvious. Sigh...
  62. April 18th: Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - $2.00 - 7/10. 640pp
    A near-past (written 1973) story of a comet strike. A good disaster tale.
  63. April 21st: Drunkard's Walk by Frederick Pohl - $4.00 - 7/10. 142pp
    A very good SF story from 1960.
  64. April 21st: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer - $3.48 - 6/10. 544pp
    OK. Much better than I'd expected.
  65. April 22nd: Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 224pp
    A nice collection of short mysteries with a thin overall plot. Lots of references to other fictional detectives.
  66. April 23rd: What Distant Deeps by David Drake - $3.75 - 8/10. 528pp
    Another good story with our heros, although not much happens in terms of over-arching story lines.
  67. April 24th: The High Crusade by Poul Anderson - $3.75 - 9/10. 208pp
    Still excellent even after 50 years.
  68. April 25th: Generation Warriors by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon - $3.75 - 7/10. 280pp
    The last in the series, and I'd missed a couple of earlier ones. It was OK, if a bit deus ex machina at the end. I don't feel any great urge to read the others now I've read this one.
  69. April 26th: Analog SFF, June 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 6/10. 100pp
    Not so many stories I liked as usual.
  70. April 28th: Asimov's SF, June 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    A good issue.
  71. April 29th: The Murder At The Vicarage by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 304pp
    A splendid murder mystery, and her first book featuring Miss Marple.
  72. April 30th: Ragnarok by Patrick A. Vanner - $3.75 - 6/10. 480pp
    Very Mil-SF. I wasn't engaged by the characters, but the situation is interesting enough that I'll be interested to read the follow-on novels. Definitely part of a trilogy.
  73. May 2nd: The Best of Frederick Pohl by Frederick Pohl - $4.00 - 7/10. 363pp
    Includes some very memorable SF stories.
  74. May 5th: The Complete Hammer's Slammers, Vol. 3 by David Drake - $3.75 - 7/10. 752pp
    Very Mil. Two novels I've already read and a new short story.
  75. May 6th: A Mighty Fortress by David Weber - £4.68 ($7.49) - 6/10. 1152pp
    A bit slow.
  76. May 10th: The Mysterious Mr. Quin by Agatha Christie - $0.65 - 7/10. 288pp
    A good collection of short stores featuring the elderly Mr Satterthwaite, who often sees things others don't, helped by the mysterious Mr Quin. Interesting, but leaning a little too much towards the supernatural for my taste, and the stories would have been better without that element, IMO.
  77. May 11th: The Way the Future Was by Frederick Pohl - $4.00 - 8/10. 293pp
    A fascinating insider's look at Science Fiction from the 1930s to the 1970s through the eyes of Frederick Pohl - Author, Agent and Editor.
  78. May 14th: Women in Deep Time by Greg Bear - $4.47 - 7/10. 152pp
    Good SF from Greg Bear with interesting ideas and stories, three Novellas, each complete in itself.
  79. May 16th: Young Flandry by Poul Anderson. - $3.75 - 9/10. 752pp
    I really enjoyed that. Good action, interesting characters, and some excellent aliens (especially in The Rebel Worlds).
  80. May 19th: F&SF Magazine, January 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 7/10. 100pp
    A good issue. I especially liked the last two Novelets, "Great Geart Rising" by Lawrence C. Connolly and "Death in Love" by R. Garcia y Robertson.
  81. May 21st: The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 288pp
    An excellent murder mystery, without one of her main detectives. I really should have got the (satisfying) solution.
  82. May 22nd: Fires of Freedom by Jerry Pournelle - $3.75 - 8/10. 624pp
    Omnibus of two novels. The excellent "King David's Spaceship" I've read before, but "Birth of Fire" was a good coming-of-age and revolution story set on Mars.
  83. May 23rd: Peril at End House by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 240pp
    This is another Poirot/Hastings adventure. I'm just very annoyed that I didn't even have an inkling of the solution before it was revealed. The clues are there!
  84. May 24th: Cobra Alliance by Timothy Zahn - $3.75 - 7/10. 400pp
    An interesting start to another story about the "Cobra" enhanced warriors, set 30 years after the end of the last trilogy. Not really complete in itself, but it does stop at a reasonable point.
  85. May 25th: F&SF Magazine, February 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 6/10. 100pp
    An OK issue. Nothing outstanding.
  86. May 25th: F&SF Magazine, March 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 7/10. 100pp
    A good issue. I liked the Novella "Ransom".
  87. May 26th: Jem by Frederick Pohl - $4.00 - 5/10. 304pp
    Outdated. Even ignoring that, I don't think the story holds up very well. Disappointing.
  88. May 29th: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer - $3.48 - 8/10. 576pp
    A fun quick read. There seem to be some hints that their mutual attraction has an uncanny origin, which would make the story make more sense.
  89. May 30th: Analog SF, July/August 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 200pp
    Which was an average issue (and the average is good).
  90. June 2nd: Asimov's SF, July 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 100pp
    Another good, average issue.
  91. June 5th: Shadowmagic by John Lenahan - $0.80*** - 8/10. 288pp
    An interesting YA novel. A quick, fun read, and excellent value at the current price. I liked it so much I've bought the sequel - although the first does end at a good stopping place.
  92. June 6th: The Prince of Hazel and Oak by John Lenahan - $3.20*** - 7/10. 278pp
    Another quick, fun read. Perhaps a little predictable in parts, but a good sequel nonetheless. As with the first novel, the main plot resolves, but there are plenty of hanging threads for more sequels.
  93. June 6th: The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 224pp
    Thirteen good mysteries with Miss Marple.
  94. June 7th: F&SF Magazine, April 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 7/10. 100pp
    Another good issue.
  95. June 8th: F&SF Magazine, May 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    A better than average issue for me. I liked all three novelets: "The Short Ashy Afterlife of Hiram P. Dottle", "The Mask of the Rex" (although it ended at an odd point) and "The Essayist in the Wilderness".
  96. June 10th: The Winds of Time and Other Stories by James Schmitz - $1.02 - 8/10. 162pp
    An excellent set of stories. I just wish I'd realised they were from Project Gutenberg!
  97. June 12th: Next of Kin by Erik Frank Russell - $5.44 - Poorly formatted, abandoned and refunded.
  98. June 13th: The Hound of Death by Agatha Christie - $0.65 - 6/10. 320pp
    Good stories, but a weird mix. In some of the stories the supernatural is real and in some it is not.
  99. June 14th: The Great Chain of Being and Other Tales of the Biotech Revolution by Brian Stableford - $1.02 - 8/10. 196pp
    An excellent set of SF stories dealing with biological futures.
  100. June 17th: Why Didn't They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie - $4.80*** - 8/10. 361pp
    An excellent murder mystery, without any of her major characters.
  101. June 18th: F&SF Magazine, June 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 6/10. 100pp
    An average issue. Nothing stood out for me.
  102. June 20th: F&SF Magazine, July 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 7/10. 100pp
    A good issue. A fun short story "Geropods" and an interesting Novella, "Princess Aria".
  103. June 21st: Winter Moon by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee & C. E. Murphy - $2.45 - 7/10. 384pp
    Three good fantasy novellas.
  104. June 22nd: The Dark Intruder & other stories by Marion Zimmer Bradley - $0.85 - 7/10. 100pp
    Interesting and fun early SF from MZB.
  105. June 23rd: Murder of the Orient Express by Agatha Christie - $0.92 - 8/10. 288pp
    Even knowing the plot, it's a fun read.
  106. June 24th: F&SF Magazine, August 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    An excellent issue. I really, really, like the story of the 'dinosaurs'.
  107. June 25th: Parker Pyne Investigates by Agatha Christie - $0.62 - 9/10. 288pp
    A very, very good book indeed. I love the little problems that Parker Pyne fixes, and the playfulness of the writing. Highly recommended.
  108. June 26th: F&SF Magazine, September 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    Another excellent issue. I especially liked "The Game is a Foot" and "Mr. Gaunt".
  109. June 28th: Halcyon Drift by Brian Stableford - $0.88 - 6/10. 198pp
    A bit of a slow start, but it's beginning to grow on me.
  110. July 1st: Rhapsody in Black by Brian Stableford - $0.88 - 6/10. 138pp
    Still not really gripping. Interesting ideas in some places.
  111. July 2nd: Promised Land by Brian Stableford - $0.88 - 7/10. 170pp
    I liked this one more. An interesting alien race and situation.
  112. July 4th: The Paradise Game by Brian Stableford - $0.88 - 7/10. 174pp
    Another interesting situation, but I don't think I can recommend the series.
  113. July 5th: The Fenris Device by Brian Stableford - $0.88 - 6/10. 164pp
    Same as the last book. The characters were never real to me.
  114. July 8th: Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan - Free - unfinished - 2/10
    Poor quality fan-fic that should never have been properly published, based on the first few chapters.
  115. July 8th: Shaking Hands with Lefkowitz by Melvin Foster - $4.25 - unfinished - 3/10
    The writing's not bad, but I don't like the preaching disguised as story.
  116. July 10th:Sisters of Glass by D. W. St. John - Free - 8/10. 496pp
    I'm a bit uncomfortable with some of the premises of the story, but overall a very good near-future SF thriller.
  117. July 11th: Silverlock by John Myers Myers - $1.47 - 7/10. 384pp
    A good, unusual fantasy story. It's fun to identify the mythic characters and stories that are referenced throughout.
  118. July 16th: Asimov's SF, August 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    An absolutely splendid novella at the end makes this an above average issue.
  119. July 18th: Analog SFF, September 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    Also an above-average issue. Two good novelettes and I like the serial.
  120. July 19th: The Wizard's Dilemma by Diane Duane - $4.80 - 10/10. 432pp
    Wow. I'd forgotten how good this series is. Absolutely splendid.
  121. July 19th: A Wizard Alone by Diane Duane - $4.80 - 10/10. 348pp
    Another splendid book.
  122. July 20th: F&SF Magazine, October/November 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.45 - 5/10. 200pp
    A poor issue for me. The best were "A Democracy of Trolls" and "OpenClose".
  123. July 24th: F&SF Magazine, December 2002 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    A very good issue. "Walk to the Full Moon" was especially excellent, and nothing was duff.
  124. July 25th: The Listerdale Mystery by Agatha Christie - $0.65 - 7/10. 320pp
    A fun collection of short stories, all with a minor mystery/crime to solve.
  125. July 26th: Grantville Gazette #29 by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 6/10. 200pp
    A good selection of short stories from all over the 1632 timeline.
  126. July 26th: Grantville Gazette #309 by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 7/10. 200pp
    I enjoyed this one more, perhaps just from getting back into the plot lines.
  127. July 27th: Wizard's Holiday by Diane Duane - $4.80 - 8/10. 448pp
    A good book, if not quite up to the previous two in the series.
  128. July 28th: Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 272pp
    We encounter Mr Satterthwaite again, back with Hercule Poirot. A good story.
  129. July 29th: Grantville Gazette, #31, edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 6/10. 200pp
    More fun in the 1632 universe.
  130. July 30th: Grantville Gazette, #32, edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 7/10. 200pp
    More fun in the 1632 universe. And dodos!
  131. July 31th: Grantville Gazette, #33, edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 7/10. 200pp
    More fun in the 1632 universe. Soap opera, but fun.
  132. August 2nd: Grantville Gazette, #34, edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 7/10. 200pp
    More fun in the 1632 universe. I liked the JBU extra.
  133. August 4th: Grantville Gazette, #35, edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 7/10. 200pp
    More fun in the 1632 universe.
  134. August 5th: Grantville Gazette, #36, edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 7/10. 200pp
    More fun in the 1632 universe.
  135. August 5th: F&SF Magazine, July/August 2011 by Spilogale Authors - $3.20 - 8/10. 200pp
    I liked pretty much every story in this issue, and some of them I liked a lot.
  136. August 6th: Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut - $3.77 - 4/10. 288pp
    I liked neither the style nor the story nor the lack of plot.
  137. August 7th: Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson - Free - 7/10. 30pp
    A good short story that tells in a compact space what could have been dragged out into a trilogy. Much, much, better as a short story!
  138. August 7th: Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood - $6.12 - 9/10. 784pp
    An excellent tale in the Star Trek universe, but needs completing, which should happen in:
  139. August 11th: Rihannsu: The Empty Chair by Diane Duane - $3.40* - 9/10. 432pp
    A good wrap-up of the story. Highly recommended.
  140. August 12th: Asimov's SF, September 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 6/10. 100pp
    Not as much to my taste as usual.
  141. August 12th: Analog SFF, October 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 100pp
    A good issue. I liked the conclusion to the serial.
  142. August 13th: Wizards at War by Diane Duane - $4.80 - 9/10. 551pp
    Splendid stuff. Kit, Nita, et al., save the universe.
  143. August 14th: A Wizard of Mars by Diane Duane - $6.79 - 9/10. 560pp
    A really good story.
  144. August 16th: Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer - Free - 7/10. 352pp
    A fun mystery. It became obvious a little too early who the villain must be, but some nice characterisation.
  145. August 19th: Swords in the Mist by Fritz Leiber - $3.06 - 7/10. 432pp
    Interesting fantasy, but dragged a little.
  146. August 23rd: Mission of Honor by David Weber - $2.57 - 9/10. 880pp
    A splendid addition to the series that really moves the action along. But definitely not the one to start with!
  147. August 23rd: The Amazon Legion by Tom Kratman - $4.50 - 5/10. 576pp
    More a political/military tract than a story. The new world is a thin allegory of our own. Readable, but irritating and I don't recommend it.
  148. August 26th: 1636: The Saxon Uprisingby Eric Flint - $4.50 - 9/10. 576pp
    Rather like "Mission of Honor", a splendid continuation of the main storyline of the series, but not the book to start with.
  149. August 27th: Ring of Fire III by Eric Flint - $2.57 - 8/10. 512pp
    Another good collection of stories in the 1632 universe.
  150. August 28th: Fledgling by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - $3.75 - 8/10. 528pp
    A very nice coming-of-age story, set in the Liaden universe, but not requiring any previous knowledge of the series.
  151. August 30th: Saltation by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - $2.57 - 8/10. 464pp
    A very good continuation of Theo's story, bringing it up to the point reached right at the end of "I Dare".
  152. September 1st: View from the Imperium by Jody Lynn Nye - $4.50 - 7/10. 576pp
    A fun space opera that pulls two disparate thread together in a way that makes sense in the end. I'd quite like a sequel, but it is a complete story in and of itself.
  153. September 4th: Children No More by Mark L. Van Name - $2.57 - 9/10. 512pp
    An excellent continuation of the SF series about Jon Moore and his ship Lobo.
  154. September 5th: Asimov's SF, October/November 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 7/10. 200pp
    A good double issue with several stories I really liked.
  155. September 7th: Analog SFF,November 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    A good issue. I liked all the stories.
  156. September 9th: Loose Cannon by David Drake - $2.57 - 6/10. 608pp
    Quite interesting, the first a straight thriller, the second with lots of SF themes thrown in in an alternate universe to the first, but a bit too strange to be taken seriously.
  157. September 15th: Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 9/10. 272pp
    A good Hercule Poirot mystery.
  158. September 17th: Ill Met By Moonlight by Sarah A. Hoyt - $3.50 - 9/10. 304pp
    An excellent fantasy about Elves and Shakespeare.
  159. September 18th: All Night Awake by Sarah A. Hoyt - $3.50 - 9/10. 368pp
    Another excellent fantasy about Elves and Shakespeare.
  160. September 20th: Any Man So Daring by Sarah A. Hoyt - $3.50 - 9/10. 336pp
    Yet another excellent fantasy about Elves and Shakespeare. A splendid trilogy.
  161. September 22nd: Wings by Sarah A. Hoyt - $3.50 - 9/10. 278pp
    A wonderful and varied collection of short Fantasy and Science Fiction stories. Highly recommended.
  162. September 24th: Janissaries by Jerry Pournelle - $2.57 - 10/10. 256pp
    A very well paced SF action novel, self-contained, but with sequels available. I whooshed through this one. Very good indeed.
  163. September 25th: Tran by Jerry Pournelle and Roland Green - $2.57 - 7/10. 688pp
    Alas, there should obviously be one more book, which has not yet been written. Also, a bit too much battle description and not enough plot, for me.
  164. September 28th: The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 9/10. 272pp
    A wonderful mystery with Poirot and Hastings being Poirot and Hastings. While the villain isn't hard to spot, it is rather splendid getting there.
  165. September 29th: Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - $2.57 - 9/10. 480pp
    A splendid continuation of the series from the end point of I Dare and Saltation.
  166. October 1st: Citizens edited by John Ringo and Brian M. Thomsen - $2.57 - 8/10. 416pp
    A good and varied collection of Mil SF short stories. I had read many of them before, but enjoyed reading them again.
  167. October 5th: Mouse and Dragon by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - $5.00 - 9/10. 512pp
    An excellent addition to the Liaden Universe series, filling in the history of Daav and Aelliana
  168. October 6th: Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia - $2.57 - 9/10. 560pp
    Monsters, and Monster Hunting. Splendid stuff.
  169. October 7th: Threshold by Eric Flint and Ryk Spoor - $5.00 - 9/10. 400pp
    SF adventures in the solar system. Heros, villains, romance, great stuff.
  170. October 9th: F&SF Magazine, September/October 2011 by Spilogale Authors - $3.20 - 6/10. 200pp
    One of the Novelets had an interesting idea. I liked one of the short stories. Otherwise, they were rather depressing. I hope for stories more to my taste next month.
  171. October 12th: Asimov's SF Magazine, December 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 9/10. 100pp
    A very good issue. Excellent Novella "All About Emily", an excellent novelette "Strawberry Birdies", a couple of good novelettes, an excellent short stort story "'Run,' Bakri Says" and another couple of good shorts.
  172. October 12th: Analog SFF Magazine, December 2011 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.78 - 8/10. 100pp
    The short stories "Turning it Off" and "The Impossibles" were very good. The rest weren't bad, not didn't stand out for me.
  173. October 15th: The Military Dimension - Mark II by David Drake - $5.00 - 7/10. 320pp
    Some of the stories I've read before. It was worth reading, but they're not easy going, IMO. The Fantasy/SF elements in some stories are mostly incidental to the thrust of the stories, which is the experience of war.
  174. October 19th: The Wild Side by Mark L. Van Name - $2.57 - 7/10. 272pp
    Quite fun, just what it says. Some interesting short stories by good writers.
  175. October 21st: Cotillion by Georgette Heyer - Free - 9/10. 368pp
    A splendid period romance, with period terms and slang used apparently authentically. Funny and very enjoyable.
  176. October 22nd: Do Unto Others by Michael Z. Williamson - $2.57 - 6/10. 528pp
    It was OK as an SF action adventure with bodyguards.
  177. October 24th: F&SF, January 2005 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    An average issue, rescued by a splendid novelet by Esther M. Friesner set in Uruk just after the death of Gilgamesh.
  178. October 26th: Contact with Chaos by Michael Z Williamson - $3.75 - 7/10. 464pp
    A decent enough first contact story, but although the situation was interesting, I never really got interested in the characters, and the resolution seemed to come too swiftly and easily after the build-up.
  179. October 28th: Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 352pp
    Well, that was fun. Hercules Poirot, but a different amanuensis. I should have worked out the murderer half way through, but I tend to read them more for the fun of watching it happen than to really use them as a puzzle.
  180. October 30th: Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 9/10. 320pp
    Another splendid Hercule Poirot Mystery. There are certainly enough clues to the right answer. Fun, especially if you like bridge.
  181. October 31st: Grantville Gazette, volume 38 edited by Paula Goodlett - $4.50 - 8/10. 100pp
    The usual collection of short stories, continuing serials and fact articles all about the 1632 universe created by Eric Flint. With the addition of a couple of SF/Fantasy stories from the demise of Baen's Universe. Good stuff.
  182. November 2nd: Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 411pp
    Another excellent Hercule Poirot mystery, with Hastings as the side-kick again.
  183. November 3rd: F&SF Magazine, November/December 2011 by Spilogale Authors - $3.20 - 9/10. 200pp
    An excellent issue. I liked all the fiction, but especially the two novellas, and the short story "The Klepsydra".
  184. November 5th: F&SF, February 2005 by Spilogale Authors - $1.14 - 7/10. 100pp
    A generally good issue, some I like, some I didn't. Very good novelet "Inner Huff".
  185. November 7th: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr. - $4.99 - 8/10. 313pp
    I have read this before, long ago, but I'd forgotten many details. Certainly a classic, detailing a post-apocalyptic world over a couple of thousand years.
  186. November 10th: Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 9/10. 313pp
    And her best to date. An absolutely splendid mystery with Hercule Poirot.
  187. November 13th: Analog SFF, Jan/Feb 2012 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 200pp
    A good but not outstanding issue. I like the Dr Alien novella, and the Listen Up, Nitwits short.
  188. November 16th: Asimov's SF, Jan 2012 by Dell Magazine Authors - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    Also a good but not outstanding issue. I especially liked Elizabeth Bear's Novella, "In the House of Aryamen, a Lonely Signal Burns" (although the title's awful!), but the other stories were just OK.
  189. November 18th: F&SF, February 2005 by Spilogale Authors. - $1.14 - 8/10. 100pp
    A very good issue. I liked pretty much all the stories in it.
  190. November 21st: Swords Against Wizardry by Fritz Leiber - $3.06 - 8/10. 224pp
    A good continuation of the tale of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.
  191. November 24th: Dinosaur Summer by Greg Bear - $2.60 - 6/10. 400pp
    A reasonable adventure/coming of age story, set in the universe of Conan Doyle's "Lost World". I never got really involved with the characters.
  192. November 28th: Not On My Patch by Diane Duane - $1.49 - 8/10. 50pp
    A fun short story in the Young Wizards Universe, after the events in A Wizard of Mars.
  193. November 28th: Meetings on the Stair: an essay by Diane Duane - Free - 8/10. 30pp
    An interesting essay on the utility of fantasy and imagination.
  194. November 28th: Sirronde's World 1: The Span by Diane Duane - $1.49 - 9/10. 50pp
    A good (novella?) set in her "Door Into..." universe, but perfectly understandable even if you haven't read those books (I haven't).
  195. November 29th: Sirronde's World 3: Parting Gifts by Diane Duane - Free - 9/10. 50pp
    Very good. It makes me want to read the series, but I won't do that until/unless she writes the final book.
  196. November 29th: The Healer's War by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - $2.89 - 7/10. 312pp
    A bit of an 'exorcise the experience' novel, but still very readable. The fantasy plays little part, and seems to be there merely to make sure that people realise it is fiction not autobiography.
  197. December 1st: Tortoise Reform by Piers Anthony - $1.45 - 5/10. 172pp
    It was light, but not particularly humorous. Unfortunately it's one of those children's books that's not fit for adult consumption. An interesting fantasy idea, but not handled very well at all. Disappointing.
  198. December 2nd: Moving Mars by Greg Bear - $4.47 - 8/10. 512pp
    A good read, and didn't disappoint in terms of super-science.
  199. December 6th: Magic edited by Martin Greenberg - $2.02 - 7/10. 200pp
    A mixed bag of magic stories. I especially liked "Familiar Territory".
  200. December 10th:Keepers of the Peace by Keith Brooke - $1.45 - 6/10. 180pp
    I can't really recommend it. I found the style a bit off-putting: a main story line with bits of the past and bits of 'news' items and 'diaries' inserted along the way. If you want a 'war is hell and does bad things to people's minds' story, David Drake does it much better.
  201. December 12th:Digital Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction & Fantasy edited by Ellen Datlow. - $2.87 - 4/10. 320pp
    Not really the style of SF/Fantasy I like at all. Quite astonishing, really, that in a wide variety of stories, I don't think I really liked even one of them.
  202. December 16th: Murder in the Mews by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 320pp
    Four good little Hercule Poirot mysteries.
  203. December 17th: Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie - $0.95 - 8/10. 256pp
    A satisfying Hercule Poirot mystery. The clues were there, but I didn't spot them!
  204. December 20th: Scarborough Fair and Other Stories by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - $2.60 - 7/10. 246pp
    An enjoyable collections of fantasy short stories.
  205. December 22nd: Starburst by Frederik Pohl - $4.00 - 7/10. 224pp
    It was OK. Expanded from the Novella "The Gold at the Starbow's End", but the novella was better.
  206. December 24th: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens - Free - 8/10. 100pp
    An excellent story, although some of the references are now obscure.
  207. December 27th: Hercule Poirot's Christmas by Agatha Christie - $0.95 -9/10. 336pp
    Another excellent Hercule Poirot mystery. I should have got the answer!
  208. December 28th: F&SF Magazine, January/February 2012 by Spilogale Authors - $3.20 - 8/10. 200pp
    A good issue. I like all the stories, and some were very good.

TBR: 380
Ebooks read in 2011: 205(+3 abandoned)
Ebooks otherwise removed from TBR pile: 30
Non-free ebooks read in 2011: 191
Total cost of ebooks read in 2011: $544.33
Average cost of non-free ebooks:: $2.85

Ebooks removed from TBR pile in 2011: 237
Ebooks added to TBR pile in 2011: 218
Removed/Added: 1.09 (Hooray! Now to keep it above 1.00!)

Ebooks bought in 2011:
January (8): Analog, Asimov's, Interzone, November 2010 webscription (Cryoburn, Carousel Tides, The Complete Hammer's Slammers Vol. 3, Written in Time), F&SF
February (3): Analog, Asimov's, The Big Meow
March (9): Uptown Local, October 2010 webscription (1635: The Eastern Front, Fangs for the Mammaries, Monster Hunter Vendetta, MYTH-Interpretations, The Power of Illusion), Analog, Asimov's, A Touch of Night
April (18): Kings of the North, Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (Free), 10 Frederick Pohl Books, September 2010 Webscription (What Distant Deeps, Ragnorok, The High Crusade, Generation Warriors), Analog, Asimov's
May (117): A Mighty Fortress, 27 F&SF back issues, 8 Lightspeed issues, 8 by R A MacAvoy, 10 by Brian Stableford, 4 by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, 8 by Marion Zimmer Bradley, 9 by Piers Anthony, 8 by Greg Bear, 21 other books in fictionwise sale, Grantville Gazette 29-35, April 2011 Webscription (1636: The Saxon Uprising, Flandry's Legacy, The Amazon Legion, The View from the Imperium), Analog, Asimov's
June (2): Shadowmagic, The Prince of Hazel and Oak
July (16): Grantville Gazette #36, Asimov's, Analog (subscriptions), Young Wizards (9 books), Middle Kingdom (4 books)
August (10) F&SF Jul/Aug 2011, Analog Oct 2011, Asimov's Sep 2011 (subscriptions), July 2011 Webscription (Children No More, Janissaries, Loose Cannon, Misson of Honor, Ring of Fire III, Saltation, Undercurrent)
September (14) Analog Nov 2011, Asimov's Oct/Nov 2011, Grantville Gazette #37 (subscriptions), August 2011 webscription (Citizens, Do Unto Others, Ghost Ship, The Wild Side, First Command, Monster Hunter Alpha, Tran), Sarah A Hoyt bundle (Ill Met by Moonlight, All Night Awake, Any Man So Daring, Wings)
October (7): F&SF Sep/Oct 2011, Analog Dec 2011, Asimov's Dec 2011, Grantville Gazette #38 (subscriptions), June 2010 Webscription (Mouse and Dragon, Threshold, The Military Dimension)
November (11): F&SF Nov/Dec 2011, Analog Jan/Feb 2012, Asimov's Jan 2012, Interzone Feb 2011, Interzone Apr 2011, Interzone Jun 2011 (subscriptions), A Canticle for Leibowitz (book club), (Meetings on the Stair, Sirronde's World 1, Sirronde's World 3, Not On My Patch) (50% sale)
December (3): Every Which Way But Dead (£0.99 sale), The Hunters of the Red Moon ($0.97 sale), F&SF Jan/Feb 2012 (subscription)

I succumbed to a 60% fictionwise sale.... and then got some more books from webscriptions because I wanted to loan them to my sisters-in-law. And then couldn't resist an interesting new book. Sigh.
And then a 15% discount on the Young Wizard ebooks caught me. And then... oh dear, I'm hopeless!

* Actually bought with 100% micropay rebate, so one might consider that it cost nothing, but I'm classing it as 50% off, even though I'm assigning 100% of cost to those books bought with the micropay received. In short, my total cost will be an overestimate.

** Well, it's available on-line for free. I bought a subscription ages ago, but that includes a hardcover version when it's produced. I reckon $5.99 is about right.

*** Sterling prices converted to dollars at approx. £1:$1.6 rate.

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