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myeBooks Mobile app for Android, ePUBs & PDFs with/without DRM - soon for iOS

There is a new app for Android (AndroidZoom Preview) by a Greek online bookstore,, and I think it might be interesting for you. Apart from integrating their own bookstore with Greek e-books, what is interesting from an international perspective is that the app has a menu in English and supports ebooks in ePUB or PDF format from any bookstore using Adobe DRM (apart from B&N that is), also ebooks of the same format without any DRM (e.g. a personal document). In-app purchase is possible only from their bookstore, but, apart from that, it is quite close to Aldiko 2.0 app. They were released the same day. The app is free.

I had the opportunity to use their app shortly before being officially released and a have taken some screenshots. A iOS version awaits approval from Apple.
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