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Originally Posted by itimpi View Post
This refers to when you are using the Wizard (the button the right of the box holding the regex expression) and have pressed the 'Test' button in the wizard. The text that matches the regex (if any) is then highlighted in yellow in the main window of the wizard.
yeah I did use the test wizard sorry if i wasnt clear... Thats the oddity no yellow even when i just put in a simple string which according to the user manual should come up.

The code i played with is modifications of this code:
<b.*?>\s*Generated\s+by\s+ABC\s+Amber\s+LIT.*?</b> which as far as i should i'm aware should match i came up with something to this affect but using <p> i.e. page break instead of <b> bold wasn't sure of my defining structure tho so took this kovid structure and then when that didnt work tried to edit it until it did.

also tried removing <a> i.e the html link but it didnt work either. delphi was always my preference to python

my problem is this repeating code
<p class="calibre3"><b class="calibre1">Generated by ABC Amber LIT Conv<a href="" class="calibre2">erter,</a></b></p>

thanx so much
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