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Hi, this sounded great, so I tried it. Everything seemed to work ok, except that neither AEPReader or Coolreader would recognize my sd card afterwards, so I couldn't read books off it. Trying to open a book through the file manager didn't work either, neither book reader came up as an option.

I reinstalled both, and nothing. Finally decided I *must* have my AEPReader back, and tried to go back to the 2.0.3 update. Took a while, but finally running the 2.0.2 then updating to 2.0.3 seemed to work.

However, AEPReader will still not recognize my card. I've reset, factory reset, installed, reinstalled... and nada.

I have a feeling the repack didn't quite get erased completely, but I could very well be wrong.

Any suggestions on how to fix AEPReader, or how to make sure the repack is absolutely gone? Or anything?

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