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International Herald Tribune homepage

This one is quite easy - it downloads news from IHT homepage (= global version of NYTimes) and breaks it down to sections, based on URL, because that's the way I usually read it.

The sorting of sections is based on my reading preferences , so it's: Europe - World - USA - Middle East - Asia - Americas - Africa - Technology - Science - Arts - Movies - Books - Business - Opinion - Sports

It doesn't download from RSS, and it is nowhere near complete IHT print edition - but if you want complete IHT print edition, use some of the NYTimes recipes, since it's almost the same thing anyway, the difference is only which articles are taken as main headlines and which are not.

So, here it is. It is mostly derived from the NYTimes recipe, so I am not 100% sure how everything works but it does!

#!/usr/bin/env  python

__license__   = 'GPL v3'
__copyright__ = '2008, Kovid Goyal <kovid at>, tweaked by Karel Bilek'
import re, string, time
from calibre import entity_to_unicode, strftime
from datetime import timedelta, date
from import BasicNewsRecipe
from calibre.ebooks.BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup, Tag, BeautifulStoneSoup

class NYTimes(BasicNewsRecipe):

    webEdition = False
    oldest_article = 7

    includeSections = []  

    excludeSections = []
    one_picture_per_article = False

    max_articles_per_feed = 100

    filterDuplicates = True

    title='Internation Herald Tribune (web)'
    description = 'IHT'
    needs_subscription = True

    month_list = ['january','february','march','april','may','june','july','august','september','october','november','december']

    def decode_us_date(self,datestr):
        udate = datestr.strip().lower().split()
            m = self.month_list.index(udate[0])+1
        d = int(udate[1])
        y = int(udate[2])
            d = date(y,m,d)
            d =
        return d

    earliest_date = - timedelta(days=oldest_article)

    __author__  = 'GRiker/Kovid Goyal/Nick Redding'
    language = 'en'
    requires_version = (0, 7, 5)

    timefmt = ''
    masthead_url = ''
    cover_margins = (18,18,'grey99')
    #cover_url = ''

    remove_tags_before = dict(id='article')
    remove_tags_after  = dict(id='article')
    remove_tags = [dict(attrs={'class':[
                            'columnGroup doubleRule',
                            'columnGroup singleRule',
                            'columnGroup last',
                            'columnGroup  last',
                            'entry-response module',
                            'icon enlargeThis',
                            'module box nav',
                            'nextArticleLink clearfix',
                   dict(name=['script', 'noscript', 'style','form','hr'])]
    no_stylesheets = True
    extra_css = '''
                .articleHeadline { text-align: left; margin-top:0.5em; margin-bottom:0.25em; }
                .credit { text-align: right; font-size: small; line-height:1em; margin-top:5px; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-bottom: 0; }
                .byline { text-align: left; font-size: small; line-height:1em; margin-top:10px; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-bottom: 0; }
                .dateline { text-align: left; font-size: small; line-height:1em;margin-top:5px; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-bottom: 0; }
                .kicker { font-size: small; line-height:1em;margin-top:5px; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-bottom: 0; }
                .timestamp { text-align: left; font-size: small; }
                .caption { font-size: small; font-style:italic; line-height:1em; margin-top:5px; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-bottom: 0; }
                a:link {text-decoration: none; }
                .articleBody { }
                .authorId {text-align: left; }
                .image {text-align: center;}
                .source {text-align: left; }'''

    articles = {}
    key = None
    ans = []
    url_list = []

    def filter_ans(self, ans) :
        total_article_count = 0
        idx = 0
        idx_max = len(ans)-1
        while idx <= idx_max:
            if self.includeSections != []:
                if ans[idx][0] not in self.includeSections:
                    print "SECTION NOT INCLUDED: ",ans[idx][0]
                    del ans[idx]
                    idx_max = idx_max-1
            if ans[idx][0] in self.excludeSections:
                print "SECTION EXCLUDED: ",ans[idx][0]
                del ans[idx]
                idx_max = idx_max-1
            if self.verbose:
                self.log("Section %s: %d articles" % (ans[idx][0], len(ans[idx][1])) )
            for article in ans[idx][1]:
                total_article_count += 1
                if self.verbose:
                    self.log("\t%-40.40s... \t%-60.60s..." % (article['title'].encode('cp1252','replace'),
            idx = idx+1

        self.log( "Queued %d articles" % total_article_count )
        return ans

    def exclude_url(self,url):
        if not url.startswith("http"):
            return True
        if not url.endswith(".html"):
            return True
        if '' not in url:
            return True
        if 'podcast' in url:
            return True
        if '/video/' in url:
            return True
        if '/slideshow/' in url:
            return True
        if '/magazine/index' in url:
            return True
        if '/interactive/' in url:
            return True
        if '/reference/' in url:
            return True
        if '/premium/' in url:
            return True
        return False

    def fixChars(self,string):
        # Replace lsquo (\x91)
        fixed = re.sub("\x91","‘",string)

        # Replace rsquo (\x92)
        fixed = re.sub("\x92","’",fixed)

        # Replace ldquo (\x93)
        fixed = re.sub("\x93","“",fixed)

        # Replace rdquo (\x94)
        fixed = re.sub("\x94","”",fixed)

        # Replace ndash (\x96)
        fixed = re.sub("\x96","–",fixed)

        # Replace mdash (\x97)
        fixed = re.sub("\x97","—",fixed)

        return fixed

    def get_browser(self):
        br = BasicNewsRecipe.get_browser()
        if self.username is not None and self.password is not None:
            br.form = br.forms().next()
            br['userid']   = self.username
            br['password'] = self.password
            raw = br.submit().read()
            if 'Please try again' in raw:
                raise Exception('Your username and password are incorrect')
        return br

    def skip_ad_pages(self, soup):
        # Skip ad pages served before actual article
        skip_tag = soup.find(True, {'name':'skip'})
        if skip_tag is not None:
            self.log.warn("Found forwarding link: %s" % skip_tag.parent['href'])
            url = '' + re.sub(r'\?.*', '', skip_tag.parent['href'])
            url += '?pagewanted=all'
            self.log.warn("Skipping ad to article at '%s'" % url)
            return self.index_to_soup(url, raw=True)

    def get_cover_url(self):
        cover = None
        st = time.localtime()
        year = str(st.tm_year)
        month = "%.2d" % st.tm_mon
        day = "%.2d" % st.tm_mday
        cover = ''
        br = BasicNewsRecipe.get_browser()
            self.log("\nCover unavailable")
            cover = None
        return cover

    def short_title(self):
        return self.title

    def index_to_soup(self, url_or_raw, raw=False):
        OVERRIDE of class method
        deals with various page encodings between index and articles
        def get_the_soup(docEncoding, url_or_raw, raw=False) :
            if re.match(r'\w+://', url_or_raw):
                f =
                _raw =
                if not _raw:
                    raise RuntimeError('Could not fetch index from %s'%url_or_raw)
                _raw = url_or_raw
            if raw:
                return _raw

            if not isinstance(_raw, unicode) and self.encoding:
                _raw = _raw.decode(docEncoding, 'replace')
            massage = list(BeautifulSoup.MARKUP_MASSAGE)
            massage.append((re.compile(r'&(\S+?);'), lambda match: entity_to_unicode(match, encoding=self.encoding)))
            return BeautifulSoup(_raw, markupMassage=massage)

        # Entry point
        soup = get_the_soup( self.encoding, url_or_raw )
        contentType = soup.find(True,attrs={'http-equiv':'Content-Type'})
        docEncoding =  str(contentType)[str(contentType).find('charset=') + len('charset='):str(contentType).rfind('"')]
        if docEncoding == '' :
            docEncoding = self.encoding

        if self.verbose > 2:
            self.log( "  document encoding: '%s'" % docEncoding)
        if docEncoding != self.encoding :
            soup = get_the_soup(docEncoding, url_or_raw)

        return soup

    def massageNCXText(self, description):
        # Kindle TOC descriptions won't render certain characters
        if description:
            massaged = unicode(BeautifulStoneSoup(description, convertEntities=BeautifulStoneSoup.HTML_ENTITIES))
            # Replace '&' with '&'
            massaged = re.sub("&","&", massaged)
            return self.fixChars(massaged)
            return description

    def feed_title(self,div):
        return ''.join(div.findAll(text=True, recursive=True)).strip()

    def handle_article(self,div):
        def find_section(url):
            match ='[0-9]+/[0-9]+/[0-9]+/(.+)/[^/]+$', url)
            if not match:
                return 'Uncategorized'
            stred = str(
            match ='(.*)/(.*)', stred)
            if not match:
                stred = re.sub(r'/', '', stred)
                if (stred == "us"):
                    return "USA"
                return stred.capitalize()
                prvni = str(
                if (prvni=="world"):
                    druhy = str(
                    if (druhy=="middleeast"):
                        return "Middle East"
                    return druhy.capitalize()
                    return prvni.capitalize()
        thumbnail = div.find('div','thumbnail')
        if thumbnail:
        a_s = div.findAll('a', href=True)
        a = False
        for aa in a_s:
            if not a and aa.string:
        if not a:
        match ='', a['href'])
        if match:
        url = re.sub(r'\?.*', '', a['href'])
        if self.exclude_url(url):
        url += '?pagewanted=all'
        if self.filterDuplicates:
            if url in self.url_list:
        title = self.tag_to_string(a, use_alt=True).strip()
        description = ''
        pubdate = strftime('%a, %d %b')
        summary = div.find(True, attrs={'class':'summary'})
        if summary:
            description = self.tag_to_string(summary, use_alt=False)
        author = ''
        authorAttribution = div.find(True, attrs={'class':'byline'})
        if authorAttribution:
            author = self.tag_to_string(authorAttribution, use_alt=False)
            authorAttribution = div.find(True, attrs={'class':'byline'})
            if authorAttribution:
                author = self.tag_to_string(authorAttribution, use_alt=False)
        feed = find_section(url)
        #feed = self.key if self.key is not None else 'Uncategorized'
        if not self.articles.has_key(feed):
            self.articles[feed] = []
                        dict(title=title, url=url, date=pubdate,
                            description=description, author=author,

    def parse_global_edition(self):

        soup = self.index_to_soup('')
        for div in soup.findAll(True,
            attrs={'class':['section-headline', 'story', 'story headline','sectionHeader','headlinesOnly multiline flush', 'story flushBottom', 'columnGroup flushBottom']}):
            if div['class'] in ['story', 'story headline'] :
            elif div['class'] == 'headlinesOnly multiline flush':
                for lidiv in div.findAll('li'):
            elif div['class'] == 'columnGroup flushBottom':
                for lidh in div.findAll('h5'):

        self.ans = self.sort_index_by(self.ans, {'Europe':-8, 'World':-7, 'USA':-6, 'Middle East':-5, 'Asia':-4, 'Americas':-3, 'Africa':-2, 'Technology':8, 'Science':9, 'Arts':10, 'Movies':10, 'Books':11, 'Business':12, 'Opinion':13, 'Sports':999})
        self.ans = [(k, self.articles[k]) for k in self.ans if self.articles.has_key(k)]
        return self.filter_ans(self.ans)

    def parse_index(self):

        return self.parse_global_edition()

    def strip_anchors(self,soup):
        paras = soup.findAll(True)
        for para in paras:
            aTags = para.findAll('a')
            for a in aTags:
                if a.img is None:
        return soup

    def preprocess_html(self, soup):

        if self.webEdition & (self.oldest_article>0):
            date_tag = soup.find(True,attrs={'class': ['dateline','date']})
            if date_tag:
                date_str = self.tag_to_string(date_tag,use_alt=False)
                date_str = date_str.replace('Published:','')
                date_items = date_str.split(',')
                    datestring = date_items[0]+' '+date_items[1]
                    article_date = self.decode_us_date(datestring)
                    article_date =
                if article_date < self.earliest_date:
                    self.log("Skipping article dated %s" % date_str)
                    return None

        kicker_tag = soup.find(attrs={'class':'kicker'})
        if kicker_tag: # remove Op_Ed author head shots
            tagline = self.tag_to_string(kicker_tag)
            if tagline=='Op-Ed Columnist':
                img_div = soup.find('div','inlineImage module')
                if img_div:
        return self.strip_anchors(soup)

    def postprocess_html(self,soup, True):

        if self.one_picture_per_article:
            # Remove all images after first
            largeImg = soup.find(True, {'class':'articleSpanImage'})
            inlineImgs = soup.findAll(True, {'class':'inlineImage module'})
            if largeImg:
                for inlineImg in inlineImgs:
                if inlineImgs:
                    firstImg = inlineImgs[0]
                    for inlineImg in inlineImgs[1:]:
                    # Move firstImg before article body
                    cgFirst = soup.find(True, {'class':re.compile('columnGroup  *first')})
                    if cgFirst:
                        # Strip all sibling NavigableStrings: noise
                        navstrings = cgFirst.findAll(text=True, recursive=False)
                        [ns.extract() for ns in navstrings]
                        headline_found = False
                        tag = cgFirst.find(True)
                        insertLoc = 0
                        while True:
                            insertLoc += 1
                            if hasattr(tag,'class') and tag['class'] == 'articleHeadline':
                                    headline_found = True
                            tag = tag.nextSibling
                            if not tag:
                                headline_found = False
                        if headline_found:
                        self.log(">>> No class:'columnGroup first' found <<<")

        # Change captions to italic
        for caption in soup.findAll(True, {'class':'caption'}) :
            if caption and caption.contents[0]:
                cTag = Tag(soup, "p", [("class", "caption")])
                c = self.fixChars(self.tag_to_string(caption,use_alt=False)).strip()
                mp_off = c.find("More Photos")
                if mp_off >= 0:
                    c = c[:mp_off]
                cTag.insert(0, c)

        # Change <nyt_headline> to <h2>
        h1 = soup.find('h1')
        if h1:
            headline = h1.find("nyt_headline")
            if headline:
                tag = Tag(soup, "h2")
                tag['class'] = "headline"
                tag.insert(0, self.fixChars(headline.contents[0]))
            # Blog entry - replace headline, remove <hr> tags
            headline = soup.find('title')
            if headline:
                tag = Tag(soup, "h2")
                tag['class'] = "headline"
                tag.insert(0, self.fixChars(headline.contents[0]))
                soup.insert(0, tag)
                hrs = soup.findAll('hr')
                for hr in hrs:

        # Change <h1> to <h3> - used in editorial blogs
        masthead = soup.find("h1")
        if masthead:
            # Nuke the href
            if masthead.a:
            tag = Tag(soup, "h3")
            tag.insert(0, self.fixChars(masthead.contents[0]))

        # Change <span class="bold"> to <b>
        for subhead in soup.findAll(True, {'class':'bold'}) :
            if subhead.contents:
                bTag = Tag(soup, "b")
                bTag.insert(0, subhead.contents[0])

        divTag = soup.find('div',attrs={'id':'articleBody'})
        if divTag:
            divTag['class'] = divTag['id']

        # Add class="authorId" to <div> so we can format with CSS
        divTag = soup.find('div',attrs={'id':'authorId'})
        if divTag and divTag.contents[0]:
            tag = Tag(soup, "p")
            tag['class'] = "authorId"
            tag.insert(0, self.fixChars(self.tag_to_string(divTag.contents[0],

        return soup
    def populate_article_metadata(self, article, soup, first):
        shortparagraph = ""
            if len(article.text_summary.strip()) == 0:
                articlebodies = soup.findAll('div',attrs={'class':'articleBody'})
                if articlebodies:
                    for articlebody in articlebodies:
                        if articlebody:
                            paras = articlebody.findAll('p')
                            for p in paras:
                                refparagraph = self.massageNCXText(self.tag_to_string(p,use_alt=False)).strip()
                                #account for blank paragraphs and short paragraphs by appending them to longer ones
                                if len(refparagraph) > 0:
                                    if len(refparagraph) > 70: #approximately one line of text
                                        article.summary = article.text_summary = shortparagraph + refparagraph
                                        shortparagraph = refparagraph + " "
                                        if shortparagraph.strip().find(" ") == -1 and not shortparagraph.strip().endswith(":"):
                                            shortparagraph = shortparagraph + "- "
            self.log("Error creating article descriptions")

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