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There wasn't any one thing about it that I didn't understand. It was the entire thing. Trying to figure it out made my brain hurt! I don't understand where the slashes go, what to put at the beginning, etc. I tried pulling the phrase out of the wizard and pasting it into the regex field and then testing it, but nothing happened. Apparently you can't just pull the stuff from the wizard, you have to add all those extra characters and that's what I don't get.

ETA: I actually did manage to remove the name of the book that was listed on every page using the wizard, but that's the only thing I've been successful with so far.
After having success with that, I tried to remove the Page number that is posted at the end of each page. For example, Page #'s look like this : Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 etc.
Ok in the wizard it looks like this: <i class="calibre5">Page 1</i>

Ok so according to the tutorial I should make it look like this to remove the page numbers <i class="calibre5">Page [0-9]</i> and according to the test, this actually works for the first 9 pages. Ok so now I want to delete the two digit and beyond pages. So it should look like this: <i class="calibre5">Page [0-9][0-9][0-9]</i> according to the tutorial, but that doesn't work. What exactly am I doing wrong? I tried <i class="calibre5">Page [0-9]+</i> and this actually worked, but I still don't understand how or why. Lol, sorry for rambling. I'm just trying to learn this.

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