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Living abroad but someone in USA buying material

Hello! I am VERY interested in getting a Nook Color. I need to explain my situation, and then ask a few questions.

I am currently living in the Dominican Republic, but my credit card is registered in the USA with a USA billing address. From my research, I believe I can not purchase anything from from the Dominican Republic because of my IP address.

However, I have someone (my sister) in the United States who would be able to sign into my account and purchase material for me online in the U.S.

My question is, will I be able to get this purchased material onto my NC while I am in the Dominican Republic? Also, do I have to use WiFi to get the material on to NC or can I plug the NC into my computer?

Also, if I have my sister purchase a magazine subscription for me in the U.S., will I be able to get each week's edition on my NC?

Basically, I really want a NC, but live in the Dominican Republic. I have someone in the US who can purchase things for me when needed, but I want to make sure I can access these things (both books and magazines) on my NC from outside the country.

Please I would love anyone's advice on this topic!

Thank you!
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