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From my point of view, I would say "Buy a Kindle instead of a Sony Reader". But I'm a bit partial.

I hate Sony, since they have never improved the ugly firmware of PRS-600. I bought a Sony PRS-600 in November 2009. This device was (and is) completely unable to manage large libraries. I've stored around 1200 books in a 4 GB SD-card (tha was only 1 GB). You need to know that the PRS-600 had to be connected to the computer, in order to charge the battery. Each time you deconnect it (once charged),it spends 5 to 6 minutes to sort the library, even if you didn't modify it. Did you want to add one or two books, in your SOny, Ok, let's go, and another 5-6 minutes to sort after being unplugged. And this operation was very bad for the battery.

Another default of the product was that the battery life quickly lose autonomy.


A lot of all this complaints are now solved in the new PRS-650, but the early adopters of the 600 have been forgotten, it's a shame. So I think I will never buy a sony device.

So, this year (well, last year, in 2010), always in November, I buy a Kindle 3 (after having taking advices of Kindle 3 Owners), and that's happiness. Sorting of Library is very quick, and done only when necessary. You can use the Kindle 3 when plugged to the computer when charging (you couldn't with Sony). Contrast is much better than the Sony. I convert all the ePub books and all is well.
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