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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Presumably Sony request the publisher to re-do it.

That would certainly seem reasonable, yes.

7 months is a slight exaggeration . Amazon are currently quoting late Jan for delivery of Kindles ordered in the week before Christmas. The Kindle is not the only choice, of course; the CyBook will display text considerably more flexibly than the Kindle, and that's available with only a short wait.

A device on which the USER selects the font size, rather than the book creator, is probably a better choice for someone with visual problems.
I was wondering about the 7 months that was mentioned, of course by an eBayer trying to get a huge amount of money for a Kindle that s/he didn't even have in their possession yet.

I finally researched the CyBook (Bookeen) device and notice a nice feature for the consumer to change the font size AND style, which is very nice. Some reviewer said the buttons on the device weren't real great, though. For hundreds of dollars for a device, I expect everything to be designed properly, but that's just me.

In the meanwhile, my Sony PRS-505 totally crapped out Sunday night. The only way to get it back up and running was to FORMAT the internal memory AND remove all the books from my 2GB memory card, which I am not real happy about.
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