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Hi Eowyn & Billi

Well, I sort of found the solution (did contact Bookeen, but haven't heard from them yet). On their supportpage they have two flavors of kernel-updates, one for epub and one for pdf. I tried the second one (for pdf's) and my Opus basically restored, and the books I thought gone were visible again.
I know they say both can't coexist, but this seems to be an issue way back from 2008, and I still can't read library books(?) You (or at least I) would expect a much clearer formulated description on both the difference in the two and how to be able to read those librarybooks.
I know DRM doesn't do anybody a lot of good, but this reminds me of all the trouble I had to face with my 386 computer (bought it without a manual), and I hoped never to run into anything like that again.

@ Eowyn
Sure we've got libraries that lend e-books and

@ Billi
I'll second that: Keep on reading in the free world. Young Niel, wasn't it

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