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If you need help with your Literati come here!

I have noticed a ton of people stating they're having multiple problems with their Literati.

I'm creating this thread to help the best I can.

The first thing you should know/do....

You HAVE to update to the newest firmware update(version 1.9 as of 1/13/11)!!!!

The device will not function very well with out it, for example...

Adobe Digital Editions will not recognize the Literati until you update to 1.9!

Also, as of the newest update, the Kobo Desktop app does not, recognize the Literati, and thus will not sync your device.
I have talked to Tech Support at Literati, and they've said they are working on a fix for this, and it will be in the next update.

So the only way to add books from the Kobo store is either by wirelessy syncing over wifi, or by using Adobe Digital Editions(I've been told you can also use Calbire, but I haven't used this myself, so idk.).

And, to add books from other ebook stores/library, etc. you have to use ADE as well.

Using the following method...

1.) If you haven't already, you'll need to download Adobe Digital Editions. (You can get it free from the Adobe website, just google it)

You'll need to first authorize the program to your computer, by entering your Adobe ID, you'll need to register with Adobe if you don't have one.

You'll then need to authorize your Literati to the Adobe program, if you've updated to the 1.9 firmware, then the first time you connect the Literati to the computer while you have Adobe Digital Editions open, it should ask you to do this automatically.

2.)Buying from Kobo store...

After you purchase a book it will be in your "purchased" books area on the actual Kobo website(not the desktop app), next to it should be a button that says "Adobe DRM EPUB", "Adobe .pdf ebook", or something along these lines.

Click this button to bring up the dialog box, and select "open with: Adobe Digital Editions".

-Buying from other ebook stores(Nook, etc.)/borrowing from library, etc...

Once purchased/borrowed, locate anywhere that says "Download", "get book", "sync to device", etc., and once the dialog box pops up, select "open with: Adobe Digital Editions".

After doing so Adobe Digital Editions should be automatically opened, and it will start downloading the book onto your "library" shelf automatically.

You then just need to "drag and drop" the book from the "library" shelf to the "literati" shelf in the program(this shelf will only be in the program when you have the literati connected to the computer, and you have updated to the newest firmware), disconnect your Literati from the computer(Always eject it from the computer before disconnecting), and the literati should automatically "process your new content" and then show the new book on your device.

Note: If you add .pdfs to the Literati, even if it is an ebook, it still maybe be under the "Documents" tab, not the "Books" tab. B/c, for the most part, Literati puts all .pdfs into the "Documents" tab regardless of what they are(But not everything).

Note: If you don't have the ability to wirelessly sync, then you won't be able to utilize the "News and Mags" on your Literati.
The only way to get the new issues of papers or magazines is either by wirelessly syncing your Literai, or using the Kobo desktop app.
And, since the desktop app isn't recognizing the Literati, this option is impossible until they fix this problem
So, in short, as of the newest firmware update(version 1.9), the only way to add newspapers and magazines to Literati is by wirelessly syncing.

I hope this helps, once you get it working right, the Literati is great.

If you have any other questions regarding the Literati/Kobo Store/Kobo Desktop App, either post it in this thread or pm me.
And, I will do my best to help your out!

EDIT: After a few days of my Literati working correctly, for some unknown reason, my Literati would not connect to wifi. To remedy this I performed a "factory reset". After doing so the wifi worked fine. But upon reconnecting to the computer, my computer said that I had to reformat the hard drive on the Literati before I could use it. I did this, and it worked fine, but afterwards the memory on my Literati was reduced to 176mb total storage. I've talked to Literati Tech Support, and they told me this is a problem occurring with Windows 7 users. And, they are sending me an exchange voucher to exchange my Literati with a new one. So, if this happens to you after performing a factory reset, just call the Literati tech support(via the support page on, and they will send you a voucher to exchange for a new one.

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