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remote shell access on 90x,60x

In order to write and test some scripts I wanted a remote shell access on the device. Poterm is great but it takes quite some time to type in the commands. Additionally there is no pipe etc. which makes it a bit inconvenient for serious work.

So I wrote my own script which makes use of the tools ready available on the device in order to access from the PC the pocketbook. Since there seems to be a firewall running on the pocketbook needs to initiate the connection. Accordingly the script needs to know the IP address of the computer from which you want to connect from.

Yesterday I've uploaded the app in the german forum but thought that in the non-german community there might be an interest in this app as well.

Installation procedure:
1) unzip attached file
2) edit script and replace in the line "myip=" the IP address with the one you want to connect from
3) copy the modified script onto the device

1) shutdown firewall of PC (or better open port 9999 of incoming connections)
2) run on PC in a terminal: nc -l 9999
3) execute the app rsh on the device.

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