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Well I have had the Gen3 6 day's now and have read 14 books on it (nothing like a few day's off work to catch up on reading).

I don't mind the Gen3 being lightweight it is easier to hold for extended periods of time one handed, this is one of the things I like about the Gen3.

I still find the 4 way button for page turning and selecting clunky, it does not have a smooth reliable operation. I often find when I page forward that the power diode lights up but the page does not turn, it stays on until I press the button again. I hope that the durability of the button is good.

I think I will go with Harry's advice and give the leather case a go, though this is a bit on the expensive side once you start adding on the Fedex shipping cost.

I agree with delphidb96, I want better ebook navigation (folders, sub-folders, sorting by Author, etc.) system.
Displaying the book liburary with thumbnails looks good, however this is no good if you are not able to read the title and author of the book, which you can not do if you show 10 or 20 books to a page.

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