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7''+ e-ink device...

Hi all.

In this case, and for a European, as myself, the problem isn't deciding the device to buy, is finding it.

The specs anybody just wanting to read would need is at least a 7'' screen and e-ink. If it could read epub, pdf and mobi decently it would be nice as well.

The kindle 9.7'' is a bit big and too expensive for what is worth. Thought of buying one used but could not find one (most are in the US and don't ship overseas).
Pocketbook pro902 has the same exact problems.
Nook color doesn't really fit on my requirements (color, battery life, no e-ink).
There are some fuzzy ones from iRex and velocity micro, but don't really know the brands and can't seem to find any good reviews.

The one that comes close enough is sony prs900, though also just a bit expensive for 7'' and the apparently crappy sipix screen.

The question is: wait 'til I can find a used kindle dx in good conditions(or until they lower the price - which isn't in the horizon...) or just buy a sony and end of the discussion?


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