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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Or the CyBook. The CyBook allows you to load any font you wish onto the machine, and view it in any of 12 different sizes.

It is NOT Sony's fault. Sony just sell the books; they don't create them.

One difference between the Sony and the Gen3 (or Kindle) is that on the Sony, the font is specified by the book creator; on the Kindle/Gen3 it's chosen by the reader.
That doesn't make sense, that the publisher creates it. How then can Sony say "we are reworking a book" and then provide it to me with less lines per page. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the "Sony Classics" that have a Sony Connect copyright on them are designed by Sony, correct?

In any event, it isn't right for a manufacturer to claim that a $300 device is for the visually impaired, when in fact, it is not! That just isn't cool. In the meanwhile, I hear the waiting list for a Kindle (which does allow for multiple readable fonts that the user can select) is as long as 7 months, which explains why these devices (retailing at $399) are going for $600+ on eBay.

I will just read public domain books that appear on forums that are in a nice large and bold font, and the Sony Bookstore can take a hike; it's absolutely worthless for me and many other customers, which is a shame if we want to read the latest modern books, such as "The Nine" or "The Race," for example.
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