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Question Calibre not fully ejecting nook

I have an e-ink nook with version 1.5 of the OS. When the nook is connected via usb there is a message on the screen to the effect that if you eject your nook you can use it while it is still plugged in to the USB port.

If I plug in my nook and don't have calibre running, I can eject the device and the nook screen will return to the active state. However if I have calibre running, or start calibre while the nook is connected, after I eject the device it won't go back to the active state.

This happens if I eject the device from within calibre, or from Windows Explorer. It happens if I exit calibre and then eject the device from WIndows explorer.

I've noticed that, at least sometimes, after I exit calibre I can still see a calibre parallel process running in the task manager. Could this have something to do with the problem? Killing the calibre process does not cause the nook to return to the active state, though.

Anybody have any ideas?


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