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Samba/smbd/shared folder access to iLiad

I've read elsewhere on this forum some stuff about Samba and the iLiad but I think it referred to Samba running on other Linux boxes on the same network as the iLiad. I wanted Samba running on the iLiad itself, to give shared folder access to the iLiad from a Windows PC on the same wireless network. This makes transferring/accessing files easier than hooking up the USB or using the inbox/outbox concept built into iRex's software.

So, for others that want to do the same, here's a minimal binary distribution of the Samba server smbd that will run on the iLiad (I'm using 2.11).
I've compiled to run out of /mnt/free/samba but you can probably override that with command line options to smbd (try smbd --help). If you run either smbd or smbpasswd you'll have to set the shell variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib directory first.

Note I didn't bother including nmbd so accessing the shared folder from windows will require an IP address, not a windows name e.g. \\

Also, you'll need to set up users on the iLiad corresponding to windows users on the windows boxes you'll be accessing the iLiad with. This involves running on the iLiad e.g.
"adduser username1"
"smbpasswd -a username1"
where username1 is the windows user accessing the iLiad share. You need to enter the same password into smbpasswd as that used on the windows box to avoid getting a login prompt box when you access the share.

In the smb.conf file I have /mnt/free as the shared directory and have given username1 and username2 from the windows boxes root privileges by making them admin users (otherwise you can't modify/add/delete anything). This shouldn't matter too much for user files in /mnt/free but you'd want to be careful about accidentally trashing the iLiad if you mount any of the system directories.

Note the "private" and "var" directories as distributed are empty, but are necessary to run smbpasswd and smbd - some files will be created in there.
If you have and trouble setting this up, try running smdb with "smbd -i -d 5" from the iLiad command line then try to connect from the windows box - the debug messages may tell you why accesses to the share are failing. Note the -i option is only good for one access - the connection will be closed afterwards.

I imagine this could be run on startup of the iLiad. I'm doing it manually at the moment, after manually starting the wireless interface.
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