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"You made the right choice. I am also in Canada and was very frustrated by US only Sony/Amazon (I know Sony is going to UK soon but that still doesn't help us).
I find that Cybook has all the major features of Sony/Kindle (I said major, lacks some nice-to-haves) but seems to be more open."
You may actually be fortunate that you can't purchase a Kindle yet. There are a lot of Americans who have purchased and are still waiting for theirs to arrive. They are pretty angry about having to wait (maybe an American thing--many of us want instant gratification). In fact, if you read through the forums and also on Amazon, you will see that some even support "conspiracy theories". That is, Amazon is conspiring against the poor buyer and pretending that there is a shortage of units in order to drive up purchasing desire amongst the masses. LOL

The real reason that I think you may be fortunate is that the Kindle is not a "finished product" in the sense that it could really use a good software update. The directory structure needs a lot of work. For example, put in an SD card with a bunch of books and you have to page through every book. The search feature on my unit goes out to lunch when I try to have it search for a book among 30 pages of content on my SD card. I have to shut down and reset the unit every time.

OK. So I just move the book I want to the Kindle. However... guess what? I can't just copy the file over to my Kindle. I have to move it off my card. What a pain. That means that I have to move the file back to my card after finishing a book or recopy the file from my computer to the card. Oh and there is no way to hide the SD card files while you are in the main menu so if you don't want to see them--tough. These are just a couple example of the product's "rough around the edges" state.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Kindle. It is the first ebook reader that I've tried out and haven't returned. It is almost there, but it isn't really quite finished yet. I imagine Amazon would like to have its home country be the guinea pigs. We get the good and the bad. If the product doesn't fly,or drives us crazy in some ways, at least the rest of the world isn't too ticked off at Amazon.

The approach seems kind of like what they do with technology in Japan. There are so many devices that are created there that I would sure like a chance to buy too.

Personally, though, I'm looking forward to the second generation Kindle. I think it will be much better. Until then I'd settle for a decent software update for the current device.

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