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PDFCropper is the application, designed to solve the problem with preparing for reading normal sized (A4, B4, C4, letter etc.) pdf's on relative small (Sony Reader PRS500/PRS505, iRex Illiad etc.) devices.

The problem is that pdf is not reformat able by nature. Yes, there is reflow mode in Acrobat Reader, but at first Acrobat Reader is not available for most e-book readers (especially for e-ink devices),
and second even with reflow function reading of complex content (technical books, magazines etc.) is not comfortable. Bad formatted pdf's and wide white spaces make the situation even worse.

The only way how this problem can be solved (at least based on my experience) to cut original pages into smaller pages with removing white spaces.
This is exactly what program do. But comparing with similar software PDFCropper is much more flexible, that allows to prepare books with much better quality in a very short time.

PDFCropper can produce text and image pdf's.

PDFCropper web-site currently is under construction. But it is already available for downloading:

PDFCropper v1.1 RC1 links:

Trial version of PDFCropper is fully functional, the only thing - output pages include watermark (which by the way displays registration code that you need for obtaining license).

And you can download and value an example of prepared (cropped) pdf:

This is original one -

These are links to cropped one:

And these are links to the one cropped as image pages (only some pages are there, due large file size):

Also, anyone interesting in software, can send me example pdf, and I will send back resulted pdf prepared via application.

License price per one computer is 20 euro. Payment can be made via PayPal or directly to bank account.

You can ask any questions about using or installing software and details about purchasing the license via e-mail:

P.S. Application is implemented by using Java. You have to have installed Java environment version 1.5 or higher.
Also Ghostscript has to be installed. In case if it is not, application will propose you to download.

Change log:
v1.1 RC1 - fixed the bug with adding table of contents (now appropriate menu item in Sony PRS 500/505 display table of contents correctly).
added separate option for adding clickable table of contents pages.
added displaying of table of contents in the left pane.
improved auto-framing functionality - added possiblty to create frames with size proportional to device size (paper size setting in Crop Settings dialog).
improved cropping funcionality - added possibility to remove empty frames in resulting pdf ("Skip empty frames" option in Crop dialog).
improved dialogs input errors displaying, errorness fields are highlighted by red.
fixed bug with deleting last unaccessible project reference from recent projects list.
added pdf restrictions checking during opening pdf. in case if there are no enough rights for pdf manipulating - program will ask pdf user password.
example pdf's are updated.
simplified trial mode - removed pages shuffling!

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