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I just received my classic NOOK this last week as a belated Christmas gift...I'm so loving it. I just got the Bleecker Cover yesterday, but I really, really want to get an Oberon cover for it soon...

I really like reading and learning from you all...thanks to many of your tips, I already have quite a few books well as making my first purchase too...

I'm still trying to decide if I should get a refund for my B&N membership as it doesn't seem to cover Nook books at this time which frustrates me to no end.
My Husband and I have been searching for quite awhile on which reader to get and decided on the NOOK in big part because it can accept a variety of formats including being able to get library books, and it's expandable memory...

Oh, one note, it seems that many of the servers at B&N are just not accustomed to handle the volume of Wi-Fi users...we went yesterday and it seems than many customers were complaining...I'm lucky that my husband is a techie(network engineer) and has set up the home Wi-Fi and we have a fast connection via cable internet....

I'm glad I found this place and willing and eager to learn more about authors and my device...woohoo!!
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