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Epub - lots of questions

Originally Posted by hxa7241 View Post
That caught my attention, so I checked it...

There really doesn't seem anything wrong with my epub (it has the correct mimetype and conforms to the ncx DTD) -- so it seems my epub has found errors in the checker rather than the other way around.

(Thanks for the 'even'.)
hxa7241 I am trying to work my way through things re epub. Your example/guide has proved most useful for many reasons, not the least because as a reliable example it easily shows the difference treatments between ADE 1.0, Mobireader 6.1 and the latest FBreader.

I was surprised to the extent that CSS descriptions were apparently ignored or parts not implemented by the various readers.

I would very much like to see other examples, by someone like yourself who knows what they doing. I am at only the begining of things, trying to work out a tools set to use and how to go about things sensibly. Planning in otherwords at this stage, of what should be aimed for and whether the aims are compatible to the standard.

I am very interested in using other than XHTML, DTBook, but read also that arbritary XML might be included, I am thinking of TEI. "Page-template.xpgt" I cannot make up my mind about it - whether it is useful generally or something that can be, or should be, dispensed with.

Like many people I have problems reading specifications and making solid and practical sense of them. A few examples therefore go a long way.

For instancde I would like to use the the ID attribute to give each ebook a reference system, for students it is important that the paragraph number be displayed but for ordinary reading this is something that is better hidden. I cannot work out if alternative stylesheets are provided for within the specs for epub (even if not implemented by any reader software).

Also, I do not know how tolerant Epub is of including foriegn material. I am working on (very slowly and early days yet) of a stylesheet language that allows for PDFs to be produced in a variety of forms based on the standard files of the Epud.

A forum devoted to Epub might be worthwhile, or a reference to one that already exists (I have not found one). In short, I have dozens of questions about what can, and cannot, be done with this standard.

I intend to produce ebooks that are well marked-up and reliable (non-DRMed) texts, with features (a robust reference system, library numbers, and unique identities for work, author, edition, publisher etc.,. and when micro-payements become available - a copyright disbursement system in digital signatures).

And things simple, like the ability to paste in an "Exlibris label" page after the cover if the customer wishes and a digital signature of receipt information.

This is an exciting period for ebooks, and I have occupied the shadows for many years looking on, waiting for eink/epaper technology and a standard to emerge. Now everything seems to be in place for this technology to take its proper place.

All the best.
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