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hy chaley,

tested, wondered, worx

now it looks great. many things are simple. but let me say, i have seen so many trees that i can't see the forest. great work.

i hope any of the users here can do anything with this regex i had made to get most of pagenumbering, hyphen, word separation and so on, out of my text.

(<br>\n?-?\s{,40}[0-9]{1,4}\s{,40}-?\s{,40}(<?b?r?>?|<?b?>?)\n?<hr>\n?\s?(?=<A name=))|(\s?-\s?<?/?i?>?<br>\s?\n?\s?(<i>)?(?=[a-z]))|(<br>\s?\s?\S?\s?\s?\S?\s?\s?\S?\s?\s?[0-9]{1,4}\s?\s?\S?\s?\s?\S?
\s?\s?\S?\s?\s?<br>\s?\n?<hr>\s?\n?(?=<A name=))|(<br>\s?\n?<hr>\s?\n?<A name=[0-9]{1,4}></a>[0-9]{1,4}\s?\n?<br>)|(<b>\s{0,25}-\s{0,25}[0-9]{1,4}\s{0,5}([0-9]{0,1}?)\s{0,5}([0-9]{0,1}?)\s{0,25}-\s{0,25}</b><br>\n<hr>\n(?=<A name=[0-9]{1,4}>))|(</a><b> </b><br>)|\n(?=.{0,25}<br>)|<br>(?=\n.{0,20}<br>)

i hope that will be corrected or extended by the prof's in here.

for this time i say thanks

regards olaf
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