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Once Amazon gets their Chinese producers of the Kindle to produce in real volume (they say June 2008), the Kindle will quickly outnumber all other ebook readers combined. Not saying that is right -- just that this is what will obviously happen. I do love my Kindle (got it Dec. 4th) but I know that there must be room for others, else the Kindle will never be improved. And of course Kindle will be internationalized once Sprint goes everywhere -- but not before the domestic market demands have been met.

So whatever format conversion programs that are produced, must always produce true Kindle files -- single file per ebook, B&W illustratios 600x800 max with only 4 grey scale levels, etc. There must be an ebook cover page (full size 600x800), TOC with links to the chapters, etc. For many this will be a lowest common denominator format, but it is still necessary -- at least as an option.

Input must accept the common ones such as PDF's (with hopefully some improvements over what we have today), DOC, html, rtf, txt, and whatever is around.

Such a program will liberate us from the mess that is there today.

Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.
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