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Option to remove/replace the White 'Thank you' message when turning my IQ on. I'd prefer to remove it completely and either see a timer rotating/bar scrolling etc if it needs to hold me up as it 'starts' though I don't see why it would and then have me at the 'android' loading screen afterwards.

An actual dictionary, with definitions of words or multiple choices of languages to other languages. I have English to German and some foreign language to another foreign language could be Icelandic to Czech for all I know but that's it, very limited use.

Option to reverse the sound buttons for page turns, hitting the + upper button to go 'down' a page is counterintuitive.

Ability to install applications based on actual available space not the soft limit we now have, IE I have nearly 1.5gb free on the internal card, 6.5gb free on my removable SD card yet I can't install apps to fill either of them if I wanted.

Access to the android market through the IQ.

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