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Font Size of Sony 505 Proprietary Books Vary From Book to Book!

I am about at my wits end with Sony because the font size varies on all the books they sell.

Initially, when I downloaded a bunch of the "100 free classics" about two months ago, I noticed the font size is larger and there are less lines per page than with books I am currently downloading.

Since I am visually impaired, the larger the font, the better, and I believe the initial books I downloaded were 7 lines per page (in Landscape mode, Large font).

Recently, I have downloaded books from the Sony store, only to find that the lines per page are 8 or 9 lines per page, thereby making the font smaller, and difficult for me to read, even in Landscape mode, Large font.

I have sent numerous e-mails have to Sony and I have to give them each and every title for them to "rework the books" in question. It takes forever (or so it seems) for them to "rework" each book and then notify me of same. In the meantime, they have collected my money for books that are worthless to me in what I consider a tiny font for "Landscape/Large mode."

Why the F aren't they consistent with their formats? For a $300+ investment for a device, and then more for books, this really bites.

Anyone have suggestions of how to best deal with Sony on this issue?


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