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Received Great Deal on Reader at Borders

I finally decided to take the plunge on the Sony Reader 505 today and went to Borders to make my purchase. I was surprised to find that my local Borders was completely out of stock, especially since I saw a stack of them a couple of days ago. I went to another Borders a bit further and there was only 2 left. I didn't know it would be a hot Christmas item. The price on the Reader was $299.99 as I expected, but when I went to the register and used my Borders Reward card the cashier told me that she can take 20% off the item. That's a $60 saving! I didn't have to use coupon or anything. She just applied the saving at the register. I don't know if this is an after Christmas deal or what, but I am elated to get the Reader for only $239. Not only that, but the register also printed out a $50 coupon that can be applied at the Borders ebook store for any titles. The device also comes with a Border ebook store installation CD for new register that suppose to offer a $10 coupon code in the box, but I couldn't find it. So, I will bring the box and receipt to Borders tomorrow to see if I can get the coupon.

Anyway, I am very happy with the sweet deal that I got from Borders and Sony.

Here're the saving and values from Borders:
Reader $239.99 after 20% off with Borders Reward Card (after Christmas deal?)
Borders eBook store coupon $50
New register $10 credit at Borders ebook store (couldn't find the code in box, will see if I can get the coupon tomorrow)
100 Classic titles from Sony

After using my Reader for a few hours, I couldn't be more happier with my purchase, especially with the great deal I got from Borders!
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