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nairbv began at the beginning.
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Device: still looking for an ebook reader device
HarryT: yeah, I seldom burn DVD's though so it's not worth the money to me.

I think maybe I was a little confused during the install... maybe I installed it wrong the first time. I'll take your word for it I don't need the MS reader, ... the first time I tried to install it didn't work though and the readme said something about installing something from MS first.

I see what you're saying about mobi. I had thought mobi files typically had .mobi extensions and that prc was an exception. I guess I was wrong.

Anyways, So, I see that I can load a book into book designer and export it in another format. Is there any way to run a book through this process at the command line without opening the gui? ... and also without having to learn all the random individual programs like convertLIT that make confusing directories that I then have to do something else with?

and so, ... when I do convert, in terms of destination formats... is mobi/prc probably going to be the best / most convenient single-file format to store my books in?
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