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Device: still looking for an ebook reader device

.. I'm confused about how to install though. On (not to mention being in russian), I don't see a download link. I see some version 4.0 files posted in various threads of this forum, but the website says it's on version 5.0? ... I'd ideally want to just download directly from the authors if possible, .. and maybe the version 5 addresses some of the vista issues being mentioned elsewhere in this forum?

Also, .. are there command line tools to convert to/from the bookdesigner format, or at least can I do a massive-conversion using the UI? I have a lot of files and I don't want to have to load each and everyone individually to convert.

regarding the reading software,.. I just installed FBReader before posting here. There are a number of formats it can't view... That ubook one you mention can do HTML, TXT, RTF, PDB and PRC but not lit. I'm not sure what the MS reader will do besides lit. I guess it doesn't really matter if I just convert everything to one format but.... Maybe we could start some kind of reader-software-matrix on the mobileread wiki site? I mean there's obviously all the other ebook reading software like DE and the mobipocket reader etc too. There's a lot of confusing information to sort through in terms of formats, conversion options, reading software, devices, etc.
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