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I just received my iliad. I need help. I tried to install some third party programs, and I am now at a dead end in my now unusable device. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Here is what I did: I successfully created an account, and requested developer access. I created a reflash CF card. I then successfully installed mvrxt and fbreader. Then, I installed fbreader registry for running from content lister. Everything was going great. Then I installed abiword and that is when things completely went wrong. After installing abiword, it said that I must restart my device. I did this, and when it restarted, I got a black screen and a constant blinking green light. Nothing would make the green light go off except for the reset or power button. After pushing that, the device was still unresponsive. When I pressed the reset button followed by the power button, the device would restart, booting back up to the same black screen. So I decided it was time to reflash. I followed instructions to reflash, and I was able to start iliad back up normally. I noticed that internal memory was unchanged when I started back up (including abiword still saying that I needed to restart). Anyway, everything else seemed to working. I could not uninstall abiword- I assume this is because I need to request shell access again with the developer package. So, when I go the request, my MAC address is no longer present. So, I go back to my iliad to confirm connection, user name, password, etc. and it is correct. It is, so I go ahead and connect to iDS, in hopes of re-establishing my mac address online for the purposes of requesting shell access for the purpose of uninstalling abiword- the program that seemed to start this whole mess. Anyway, I connect to iDS, and it downloads "software updates-" I am not sure what because I have not yet re-requested the development package. So it downloads, installs itself, and the iliad reboots on its own. When it starts up, it comes back to the same black screen that I started with. I don't know what to do now. In summary, I can reflash. If I do not connect to iDS, I can work without shell access and turn off and on just fine, and I cannot use FBreader or uninstall Abiword. If I connect to iDS, I get my black screen. I would appreciate any advice.
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