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Here's my list for 2010; I've had my Kindle for less than a year and didn't have a dedicated e-reading device prior to that.

This contains e-books of novella-length or longer which I started and finished in their entirety only; does not count stuff I abandoned reading, stuff I used for reference or skimmed for the pictures (library had a surprising number of these), collections of which I've only read a couple of the stories, or online serial reads. I think I also read around 2-4 times the amount of paper books as well.

Arranged by genre/source with relative quality scoring: * indicates a book I found enjoyable enough to recommend (more **, higher recommend; I don't conflate "I liked it!" with "This is good!", by the way, so there are some trashy mind candy recommends in the lot), R indicates a previously read book that I re-read in e-format, H indicates I read for the first time as part of the Hugo Voter's Packet that came "free" with paid membership, ? indicates a category I'd never really tried much of until I got the Kindle, $ indicates something I paid actual money for, all else were promo freebies or from the library.

?Christian Fiction
A Gift of Grace, Amish family drama with recipes 6/10*
A Passion Most Pure, historical WWI-era romance 3/10
Sushi for One, interracial chick-lit romance 6/10*

Journey to the Center of the Earth, B&N Classics annotated edition 7/10**

According to Jane, Jane Austen inspired self-discovery 6/10
Once Around the Track, race car driving competition, 7/10**
St. Dale, NASCAR/Canterbury Tales mash-up, 8/10***

Blood of a Dragon, an Ethshar coming-of-age 6/10* $
The Chrome Borne omnibus (Born to Run; Chrome Circle), SERRAted Edge urban fantasy series 6/10 R
Damiano, AU medieval Italian Renaissance historical witches-and-angels coming-of-age 8/10*** $
Damiano's Lute, ditto but with Road Trip of Self-Discovery 8/10*** $
Dragon Companion, librarian kidnapped to magic world light adventure 6/10* $
Fire in the Mist, magical peasant saves the world 7/10** R
Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Bardic Voices series magical serial killer mystery 6/10 R
The Lark and the Wren, Bardic Voices series musical coming-of-age 7/10** R
The Misenchanted Sword, an Ethshar comedy-of-errors fantasy 7/10*
The Otherworld omnibus (Wheels of Fire; When the Bough Breaks), SERRAted Edge urban fantasy series 6/10 R
The Outstretched Shadow, coming-of-age epic battle between good-and-evil 6/10
Raphael, 3rd in Damiano Trilogy 7/10** $
Shadow, elf/human city light adventure thief mystery 6/10* $R
Sheepfarmer's Daughter, coming-of-age mercenary training 7/10
Sympathy for the Devil, demons take over urban city centre comedy 6/10 R
Taking Flight, an Ethshar coming-of-age 7/10 $
Tea with the Black Dragon, low-key magical realism mystery 8/10*** $R
This Sceptre'd Isle, historical elves meddle in Tudor England 6/10 R
Twisting the Rope, low-key magical realism mystery sequel to Tea above 7/10** $
The Unwilling Warlord, an Ethshar kidnapped-to-another-kingdom-to-save-the-locals 8/10* $
The Warslayer, kidnapped-to-alternate-world-to-save-the-locals comedy 7/10***
With a Single Spell, an Ethshar comedy-of-errors fantasy 7/10** $
Wizard's Bane, Wiz Biz computer programmer kidnapped-to-alternate-world-to-save-the-locals comedy 7/10** R
The Wizardry Compiled, Wiz Biz ditto with extra programmers 7/10*** R

Secrets of the Tudor Court, I think they got their version of "history" from the TV show 6/10

The Accidental Demonslayer, comedic paranormal 6/10*
Collision Course, m/m social worker/paramedic 6/10
Colters' Wife, f/m/m/m familial ménage 5/10
Eternal Pleasure, otherkin paranormal w/dinosaur souls 4/10
The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo, and the Poltergeist Accountant, comedic paranormal erotica novella 5/10
The Immortals: The Crossing, pseudo-celtic paranormal 5/10
The Irish Devil, historical frontier gold-rush 5/10
The Irish Warrior, historical medieval 6/10*
It's In His Kiss: The Epilogue II, historical Regency sequel novella, 7/10
Love of Sports: High Line, m/m sporting celebrity 6/10
Overheated, Harlequin NASCAR May/December couple 6/10
Speed Dating, Harlequin NASCAR celebrity dating 7/10*
Total Control, Harlequin NASCAR bad-boy celebrity reformation 5/10
Trouble in Mudbug, comedic mystery/thriller 6/10**
Turn Two, Harlequin NASCAR divorced couple thrown back together 4/10
Weddings Can Be Murder, comedic mystery/thriller 7/10**
The Wicked House of Rohan, historical Renaissance erotic novella, 5/10

Billy Boyle, WWII action-adventure w/murder 7/10*
The Body in the Library, a Marple 6/10
Days of the Dead, a Benjamin January set in Mexico 9/10*** $R
Dead Water, a Benjamin January (antebellum New Orleans) on steamboat 8/10*** $R
Death in the Clouds, a Poirot 7/10
Darkly Dreaming Dexter, serial killer police procedural 8/10**
Dexter By Design, serial killer police procedural 6/10
Dexter in the Dark, total and utter rubbish 3/10
Dexter is Delicious, serial killer police procedural 7/10*
Elephants Can Remember, a Poirot 5/10
The Mysterious Affair at Styles, a Poirot 6/10
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, amateur sleuthing in Botswana, I think it was 8/10*
The Secret Adversary, Agatha Christie's Tommy & Tuppence 6/10

Frommer's Norway, travel guide 6/10
Frommer's Savanah, travel guide 7/10
George Orwell 50 Essays, MR edition 8/10**

Paranormal & ?Horror
The Atrocity Archives, Laundry series Lovecraftian government agency spy thriller 9/10*** $
Blood Games, vampire Saint-Germain series, historical Imperial Rome political maneuvering 7/10 $
Full Moonster, Bureau 13 series rpg tie-in action adventure 6/10 $
Doomsday Night, Bureau 13 action adventure 6/10* $
The Jennifer Morgue, Laundry Bond spoof spy thriller 8/10*** $
Judgment Day, Bureau 13 action adventure 7/10** $
A Mortal Glamour, historical medieval convent-set psychological horror 8/10* $
Overtime, Laundry Very Special Xmas Episode novelette 9/10***

Science Fiction
Act One, consequences of genetic engineering and celebrity novella 9/10*** H
Barrayar (in Cordelia's Honor omnibus), Vorkosigan series planetary romance 9/10*** R $-subsidized by Cryoburn CD
Boneshaker, post-apocalyptic zombie invasion steampunk search for missing child 8/10*** H
A Civil Campaign (in Miles in Love omnibus), Vorkosigan comedy-of-errors 9/10*** R $-subsidized by Cryoburn CD
The Empty Chair, Star Trek novel 6/10 $
Eros, Philia, Agape, relationship problems with artificially created being novella 7/10*
The God Engines, novella with novel means of star travel 6/10 H
The Island, interstellar bypass generation ship space construction novelette 9/10*** H
It Takes Two, f/f affair apparently induced by designer pheromones novelette 7/10 H
Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages omnibus (My Enemy, My Ally; The Romulan Way; Sword Hunt/Honor Blade), Star Trek novels 8/10*** $R
One of Our Bastards is Missing, AU British royal bodyguard spy thriller 8/10 H
Palimpsest, time-travel historical gathering of one man's life novella 7/10 H
Shambling Towards Hiroshima, AU movie monster influence on WWII 8/10*** H
Vishnu at the Cat Circus, future history culture of genetically engineered Indians novella 8/10 H
The Women of Nell Gwynne's, historical AU novella 8/10*** H
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