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Laurel has learned how to buy an e-book online
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Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Hi, I'm Laurel, the owner of my first ever e-book reader, an Amazon Kindle. I really appreciate the books that you all make available here. What a great service. I'm finding that they are better formatted than many of the books from the Kindle store.

I've only run into one problem. I downloaded this book from Patricia. It works fine on the Mobipocket reader but will not come up on my Kindle. Patricia says that there is no copyright problem with the text or the pictures. She thought that one of you might be able to solve this puzzle for me.

I just checked the Kindle store and downloaded a sample of their version. The formatting is terrible. I really want to take advantage of the beautiful work that Patricia did. This is one of the books that I remember from my childhood. My father had a lovely edition of it and often would quote line after line. He's ninety-one now and can still quote from it.

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