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@dwanthny :
Thanks, but of course I have try to install last binary, it dont work, so I try :

* You need GLIBC 2.10 or higher to run versions greater than 0.6.29. If you receive an error about GLIBC you can downgrade to an older version by getting the .tar.bz2 file for your architecture (32bit or 64bit) from sourceforge. Then delete the contents of /opt/calibre and extract the downloaded .tar.bz2 file into /opt/calibre.
And got the error in my first post above

Compiling need :
Source install

1. Make sure your system has python ≥ 2.6
read my second post above.
(And the current binary version "speak" about Python 2.7)

Thanks, but your "chrooted" solution is very complicated, not flexible.

Sure, one "easy"solution is to upgrade Intrepid, but its not so simple, I have many softwares, some of them are not in standard packages, this migration need many, many hours and must be done on 3 computers

[sorry, my English is very bad]

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