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Lightbulb audio books in calibre

Here is a thought/idea. Although not as simple as at first it seems.

I would love it if I could use calibre to also catalog my audio books. They are part of my book library after all - not just my music library. And many ebooks I also have in audio form as well.

Now here is the catch. First - I would not want calibre to store the audio book in the directory it creates - but a link/shortcut to it would be great.

It seems that it would be best to keep audio books associated with other audio files in another directory - given the needs of the player.

Although that brings up a second issue - althought to me a secondary one - having calibre integrated with an audio program so that you could tell it to play the book from calibre. But that I think would be a bit more complicated.

On a side note there is also the issue of ebooks, particularly pdfs, that are associated with audio or video files. I have a lot of music books with the music files to go with the sheet music or lesson. Most of the time I have these embedded in the pdf - but not always (and what if its not a pdf).

It would be good to have a way to have a link to a directory where related files are stored. Maybe that is also the solution for the above - just allowing the database to store the file/directory location in a field - and so you could click on that and get to the files.

In fact I have been torn in some cases - such as with course guuides for video courses or audio courses - of putting the guide in calibre - because of losing it in the directory where the relevant files are. Sure I could know to search calibre for it - but would have to create some kind of file to tell me there was one. Or I could put a link to the file in the calibre library - but that is always changing (at least for some time). Or I could keep two copies - but taht seems wasteful.

Couldn't there be a way to browse and input a directory into a field.

Also a side side note - anyone know how to show the isbn in a column?
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