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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
I think I know what is going on here. By any chance, is the type of the #genre column 'comma separated, like tags'? There is a bug (that I just found), and this type of column doesn't work in save templates. In effect, it doesn't know what to do with the possibility of multiple values. I will fix it. Should be in the next release (within a week or so).

Workaround: create another custom column of type 'column made from other columns. Put {#genre} as its template. Use this new column in your device template. This works because the new column will 'flatten' the (possibly) multiple values back to a single value, avoiding triggering the problem.
Yes, the column type is that comma separated one. Awesome to hear that you found the bug and figured out how to squash it already. You do good work!

The workaround doesn't seem to work; it still makes a folder named #genre and puts all the books into it, but it's definitely referencing the Genre column correctly, because it put all the info from Genre into it's own column (named Type) properly, and it's naming the folder on my Kindle #genre, not #type, even though I made sure that {#type} is both in the general preferences spot and the plugin preferences spot.

But I'm not worried, if doing it the proper way will work within a few weeks or sooner than that's good enough for me. The organization will be nice for the future but I can still find and read specific books for now just fine so I'm in no rush.

Thank you so much Chaley, you're friggin' awesome! I also really appreciate your aide too, stevehaley, both of you are great.
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