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Device: I want to get a reader to read to my off spring.

This is urgent! I was eating ice to keep the fish fresh in my stomach so I could feed my off spring when! One of my off spring was captured! A ransome note was carved into my home and it said: "Trickle trickle every where be iggnorant if you dare" . So I started crying since Iwas bad at solving riddles and start to head inside. As I got inside I heard a loud screech."KLLLLLEAAA!!!!" I sharted faintly and confronted the holligan. It was a Shaiun. A half shark half penguin! Right then and there I found a note attached to its fin. It stated: "This is Jerup and if you don't teach him to read and write PDF'S I will keep your off spring and make him sing the national Bear anthem"! Right then and there I realized if I wanted to save my only son Pengtopa (out of 25 off spring what are the odds) I would have to teach this Shaiun to read! So I have started a quest to save my son and Pengtopia! For this quest to be completed I will need your help! I ask you the human race(even though I despise you) to help me! help yourself! Do a good deed for once! Help me find a reader! This is Pengtopia!

The Penguin Master

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