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Question on PRC cover art


I hope it is OK to post this question in this thread, but it is somehow mobiperl related.

I am pretty new to eBooks and just ordered my Gen3 two days ago.
I tried Mobipocket Readers latest beta and found, that I am unable to add cover art to my prc files. So I stumbled over this thread. Thank you for the mobi2mobi script. Although a perl script might be a great way to have this running on a wide range of operating systems, I also want a convenient Win32 app to manage/change or even fetch my cover art.

That is why I started looking into the PRC format tonight. After 2 hours in front of my hex editor with some downloaded and some created prc files with and w/o cover art and coding a small parser, I still can not figure out how I (or the Mobipocket Reader :-)) can find out which PDB record actually contains the cover art. The attributes if the record header are always NULL. Sure I can look at the record data and see if it is a picture, but then, as you know, I get also the pictures in the book.

I suspect this to be an EXTH item. Can someone tell me what ID 201 and 300 contain ?

Do you have any hint what I am missing ?

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