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Originally Posted by Manichean View Post
Those lines indicate nothing of the kind. They're perfectly normal. In fact, the only odd thing I've seen in the logs are the lines you cut from the conversion, where it said it's trimming the images. I suspect dwanthny is right and the book is made up entirely of images.
It's true that the CONVERTED book (in Epub format) is made entirely of images. As I mentioned, the converted file contains only the cover image, and no other content.

However, the SOURCE file (which is a .mobi file) can be read just fine in Calibre or in an ebook reader. It contains the full text of the bible, study notes, and of course, many images as well.

Originally Posted by Manichean View Post
That said, since you try to convert the bible, why not just pick one that is already converted? There are a few versions floating around on Mobileread alone, try looking in the ebook section.
Agree, makes good sense to me. I decided it wasn't worth fighting this particular battle. Using the various python scripts and Calibre, I was able to liberate and convert all the books that I own to mobi and to epub formats, except for the Bible. And since this study bible is relatively cheap (the Amazon version is like $10, the Epub is more like $15), it's a better use of my time to just buy an epub version.

Thanks everyone for the tips, it was still useful because I learned a lot more about using Calibre, converting books, etc., in the process.
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