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NCX From Html TOC

Ok, I've got a bunch of mobi ebooks that work fine on my Kindle, except that they are missing the .ncx toc, and therefore do not have the tick marks in the progress bar or the ability to flip through chapters. This is functionality that I really want out of my Kindle. I've done some searching, and I understand the syntax and stuff for writing an .ncx toc for scratch, but I've got so many books missing ncx files that it would take a very long time for me to manually write ncx files for them all. I assumed that my problem was not fact, I think it's probably fairly common, so I went looking for an app to auto-generate .ncx files for me. I can't seem to find one. The closest I could get was converting my mobi to epub in calibre, but that messed up the html formatting, and it split the chapters into seperate files, so I couldn't just scavenge the ncx file from the conversion. Does everyone out there manually create ncx files themselves? Or is there a program for doing it that I just don't know about?
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