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I am officially going insane. I know I'm missing something simple, but after reading this forum and the online manual I cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I have a custom column named Genre. The lookup/search name is "#genre". In both the plugin and the sending books to devices I have it set as
{#genre}/{authors} - {series_index}.{series} - {title}
The "{authors} - {series_index}.{series} - {title}" part works great, seemingly, but the #genre folder becomes simply a folder named #genre with all the books in it. Why won't it take the few different genres I've set in the column and use those as different folder names for the different books?

I've stayed up much too late trying to figure this out, so I'm headed to bed, but any help you can give would be much appreciated in the morning. Goodnight.

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