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Mixing metadata on import

Is there any way to import books with metadata from both the filename and the metadata inside the book.

I've got a collection of various eboooks (pdb, lit & epub) and have started to tidy them up using Calibre (v 0.7.32). I've been importing, tidying up, and then saving back out in a standard format (authors - title). In order to get things right I was working on one format at a time, and then emtying the library.

I've just tried to re-import the first lot of books (.lit) that I saved, and even though the filenames are OK, the metadata is just as as it was before I started. For some reason none of my changes have saved. I made sure that "update metadata when saving" was checked, in the save options. Now I've got loads of books with the correct author and title in the filename, but all over the place in the book itself.

I can re-import using the "Read metadata from file contents..." option checked, but this doesn't import any of the rest of the metadata, most of which was already OK. If I don't select this option, I get author / title all mixed up, but things like covers get imported. I don't want to have to start all over again, but can't see and way to keep the work I've already done.

Also, any idea what I could be doing wrong when saving. The only way I've figured out how to save the metadata is to run through the convert process (to the same format or to a different one), but that can take ages.

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