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Originally Posted by Manichean View Post
Well, to judge by the log you posted, the conversion finishes successfully. Are you sure there's no ePub entry for that book in your database?
Absolutely. I try to "View specific format" in Calibre, and open the Epub version after running the conversion. It opens ok: and all that is there is the cover image. No content, no links, to TOC, no images.

Calibre is unable to convert this book, with its default settings. My thinking is that either the size of this bible, or the complexity of the nested content, is throwing off the conversion program. Its possible that working extensively with the custom settings in Calibre might do the trick, but I don't have time to work with it for a month just to convert a single book. I'll probably just end up buying an Epub version of this bible as well once I need it.

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