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calibre removes the collection on my device that I made for my library books

I installed Calibre and have been using it for my ebooks for the last few weeks. It works great for the "unrestricted" books I have, when I want to borrow books from my public library I use ADE to get them and transfer to my Sony PRS-350. To keep these library books together I made a "collection" on my device called "Library". So far, so good.

But then when I transferred another book with calibre to my e-reader and turned it back on afterwards the collection "library" was gone! The books are still on my device but the collection is gone.

This only happens with my library books and this collection. I have a few other books on my device in collections that are not in my calibre library and these are left alone.

I did leave the preferences->Import/Export->Sending books to devices on "manual" as intructed in the user manual and so I think calibre is not supposed to delete existing collections from my device... Does anyone know why it happend anyway? does it have anything to do with the "library protection" that is on these books?
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