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Thank you all for the replies. I wish I could lay my hands on an eInk device in a store or someplace, just to see what one is like. The last couple of years I've been reading ebooks on an HP4705x pda, which has a 4 inch LCD. It's alright but I’d like to find something better. One nice feature of the HP4705x is its Adobe eReader software: tagged pdfs are easily reformatted and the font and colors can be changed to anything I want. But page turns can get a bit screwy and the screen is just too small. My eyes begin to strain after using it for a half hour or so. This happens on the computer, as well. Perhaps the backlighting of the LCD is part of the problem in the case of my eyes, because if I look at printed pages with white letters on a dark background (which uses vats of ink!), there's definitely less strain.


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