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Problem converting large mobi book to epub

I have been using Calibre (v. 0.7.35) to successfully convert a number of non-drm mobi books to epub.

However, I have one mobi book (a Bible) that is 25.3 MB file, and it does not convert successfully to Epub. Calibre runs for a long time and says it finishes ok, but when you look at the file, all it does is create a 25K file with the cover image and no content in it. The Bible file is fairly complex, obviously it has nested TOC's (for book/chapter, etc.), and LOTS of links. Still, despite the complexity of the content this is a commercially produced bible, and the file content and quality in the mobi format is excellent, so I don't believe it's a problem with the input file. The input file content looks great in both my Kindle and in Calibre.

Any ideas why Calibre converts all my other mobi files to epub ok, but not this one? Are there some magical conversion options I need to set to make it work?
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