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I have been messing around with this, and have managed to compile and run python 2.5.1 and pyGTK 2.12
However, I can (for some reason?) only run it from Mrxvt at the moment. Trying to run from a script from contentlister does not work - I haven't really looked into it (probably some noob mistake). The screen refresh will also probably need to be tweaked to be really useful - I noticed running the pygtk-demo app that sometimes you needed to force a refresh twice (by toggling the soft keyboard between writing and typing) to get all of the screen properly updated

Anyway, Python and pyGTK compile fine in the scratchbox environment without modification. Just set your PYTHON environment variable to the Python-2.5.1 directory or pyGTK will not configure (scratchbox uses python 2.3.4 or something similar)
The only tedious hassle is getting all the dependent libraries compiled and into a suitable lib dir
I found the links in /usr/local to /media/cf/_local that XBoard installed to be immensely helpful here when it came to installing it all to a cf card.

So yeah, it works - with teething trouble. And there probably was an easier/better/cooler way to get something going- (i'm kinda new to using linux for development)

A number of people on the forums had asked questions about pyGTK development but no-one else had reported any real progress with it - so heres my 2 cents. Has anyone else had any success?
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