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Rooted nook issues w/ volume, charger, power, bat life, display

I rooted my nook as soon as I got it (present for wife) and have been using it for a week now so I can't vouch for it pre-root. However, I have noticed some things that appear to be software issues and others that may be hardware related, and I am wondering about the need to exchange it. I am hoping others can let me know if these have happened to them. The issues are as follows:

1) Volume buttons behave oddly, half the time. They go up when I press down or vice versa. Sometimes you keep clicking the button and it won't come off mute. Sometimes I lose sound all together even when not muted.

2) Charger will stop charging when I turn it off even though the light on the cord is on. Going into standby still allows it to charge though. It will be plugged in, but the charge status does not show it charging if it was turned off and then back on.

3) Power button is finicky. It has to be mashed beyond it just clicking to start or turnoff. At walmart today, their button worked with much less touch.

4) Today, all the items on the home screen were gray, even after several reboots. I had to click on each one and move around the books to get them to show an image again.

5) Battery life is pretty dismal. I am guessing around 5-6 hours playing games with wifi on. With it rooted, I heard it is running the battery down because it thinks it is a cell phone and has zero reception. Any truth to this?

6) Yesterday, I saw the extras -> apps page have all the icons slide off into oblivion at several different times. Also blank spaces appeared between app icons. Had to restart to fix. I eventually removed all the recent apps that I had downloaded and I havent seen the issue today.

Somethings I may have to live with due to rooting, but others maybe not. Other than these problems, this thing is awesome! Those pigs have been getting a beating by my birds! Thanks all in advance for your help!
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